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Air France 447 Crash Mystery

Air France 447 suddenly disappeared from ATC’s radar, no signal of any kind was found, no voice message of engine failure, and no complaint of damage yet this plane How did it suddenly disappear? What happened with this plane?


Why this accident remained a mystery for many years and after three years a miracle occurred which pulled the veil off all the masons.

How did Air France Flight 447 crash?

We are going to reveal the incident of the Flight 4 47 mystery and the secrets behind it. Air France flight 447, 31 May 2009 flew from an international airport in Brazil to Paris at 10.30 pm. A total of 228 people were on board this plane, it took about 10 to 12 hours to go from Brazil to Paris Goes and Air France 4 47 traveled for about three hours. Air France

ATC was maintaining constant contact, now This plane was about to reach the middle of the sea, then ATC’s control broke with the plane, It was normal to break contact with the plane in the middle of the sea, because usually in such places planes go out of range of ATC.

On the other hand, Senegal ATC was also unable to contact the plane on the other side of the sea because its range was also not reaching there. Air France

In such a situation, Senegal ATC could just wait until the plane would come in range and we would be able to contact it again. And time passed and even after about half an hour, the plane could not be contacted again. Air France.

By tracking the last location of the plane, fighter planes were sent to investigate that area. By morning, much debris of the plane started to be found, this plane had crashed in a mysterious way. The relatives of the passengers waiting for the arrival of Flight 447 could not even know what happened.

And it was very difficult to explain to them. How did the plane crash suddenly? Two teams were selected for the investigation of this incident, first to find the black box and second to recover the debris and corpses of the plane, Every day the dead bodies are removed and handed over to the family members for the last rites. Air France.

Was. Some dead bodies were recognized. But the condition of some was so severe that it was being identified by looking at their clothes.

Some people could not find even the dead bodies of their loved ones. Even after 16 days of searching, out of 228 only 50 bodies were recovered. The rest of the survivors had lost everything in the black box of the plane in the depths of the sea and even the investigation team could not reach that depth. Air France, A nuclear submarine was used to find the black box in the depths of the sea.

This submarine They were trying to find the ultrasound signals coming out of the black box, that too as soon as possible, because this black box could send signals only for 30 days.

If it was not discovered within 30 days, then it could be very difficult to find it later. Days passed, and even after searching in the sea every day, they had to return empty-handed as usual Finally after about 12 months of searching Even after scrutinizing the 7000-kilometer square, nothing could be found about the black box. With time, the expectations were also ending. 

After 3 years of the incident, on 3rd April 2011, a private team WHOI was formed, and this team Showed a miracle. Air France.

Due to his technology, he discovered the black box within just 30 days. They knew that there was no use in investigating in the sea. This black box must have been buried somewhere in the dusty soil.

That’s why he sent some such underwater vacas inside the sea which were fully automatic and could also be controlled remotely. Air France.

The unique thing about these submarines was that they could scan the surface of the sea and prepare a map. Just like a satellite scans the moon and detects rough places. Air France, Scanned after a few days A large part of the plane appeared in the sea in the pictures taken.

Immediately the search team was sent there and after a little investigation both the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder were recovered after 3 years and surprisingly It was that he discovered this black box within just 30 days. 3 years after the incident, the time has come

The story is told by the black box to uncover the mystery. He changed the thinking of the investigated. So let’s know the story behind this incident in this case study, let’s start this story after 3 hours of flight when this plane Brazil got out of contact with ATC, ATC felt that it went out of our range and Must have gone. Air France.

On the other side of the sea, the ATC of Paris was also not able to contact. They also felt that after a few minutes, we would contact the plane. Air France, But flight 4 4 7 is stuck in terrible trouble. Was. This plane had entered between the stormy clouds

Although there is also a weather radar in the plane, which tells the weather information to the pilots, this radar only provides information and does not protect the plane, now Because it was a plane, there is no vehicle moving on the road that if the road ahead is bad, then it After stopping put the back gear and hit the rear.

No, this cannot be done with the plane. Once it enters the stormy clouds, the plane will have to face it somehow. Talk about weather radar. So it already informs

By detecting the water drops present in the storm and showing the pilots in the display that the weather is bad ahead, the question is how long before the pilot comes to know about the storm. After all, Well, here I try to explain to you with a simple example. Air France.

what is the range of this weather radar?

Friends, how far a plane can see a storm depends on the antenna’s power and the earth’s spherical shape. Suppose this is our earth and this is your plane. If you point the nose of the plane upwards, then it is possible that you can see the stars above or you can see an alien, well, anything can happen.

If you point a little down, you may see the International Space Station, if you go a little further down, you may see satellites, but if you look at the curvature of the earth, here you will get the maximum range, and so on. As you keep pointing down, the range will decrease.

Of course, the pilots of Flight 447 must have already come to know that they are going to enter inside the clouds, but at that time there is no option left when there are only clouds all around. Air France flight 4 4 7 Now it has entered between the clouds and there is a lot of water in the clouds, which can easily freeze at a temperature of minus 40 degrees.

Till now everything was fine in the plane, only contact with ATC was broken but it was not even needed now. After flying in the middle of the clouds for a few minutes, strange sounds were heard. These sounds were of ice hitting.

This Air France plane had to fly for about 10 hours, that’s why 3 pilots were present in the plane, the most experienced captain of the plane had already flown the plane for 3 hours and that is why he went to rest. Now the control of the plane was in the hands of the co-pilot, whose experience was less than both the pilots.

Night time again storm, then the sounds of snow hitting all these incidents started causing panic to the co-pilot. But there was nothing to fear till now because as long as the autopilot is working well.

Till then the autopilot can fly the plane well even in the middle of storms. As for ice, there was no cure for it. These pieces of ice had started freezing the Pitot tube of the plane i.e. that census which gives important information to the autopilot like how fast the winds are blowing, what is the angle of attack?

What happened to Air France Flight 447?

Is the position of the nose of the Air France plane correct or not? What is the attitude of the plane, All these censuses started freezing, due to which there may be two or three autopilots in the plane, but they also get information from the census only.

Autopilots do not have their own eyes. They can judge their environment only with the help of this census. And if there is a fault in this census then the autopilot will go blind i.e. it will stop working and same happened with Air France flight 447 Pitot tube got blocked due to ice due to which autopilot was also disengaged.

Till now the Air France plane was flying in stable condition due to autopilot, but suddenly due to its disengagement, the plane started rolling towards the left, the co-pilot immediately took the plane under minimum control and straightened the plane.

The district was turned towards the right, this plane was sometimes moving towards the left, then towards the right, and the co-pilot was engaged in stabilizing the rolling of the Air France plane.

This went on for about 3-4 minutes, after which the co-pilot made a big mistake. He pulled the sadistic backward, due to which the nose of the Air France plane started rising and the altitude of the plane started increasing rapidly, whenever the altitude of the plane was to be increased, he took the plane up at a speed of almost 2 thousand to 3 thousand per minute.

It happened, but the flight was going above the speed of 447, 7 thousand feet per minute, that too through the stormy clouds, The angle of attack of the plane had increased to 30 degrees and this was the first bell of danger.

 That is, due to the nose of the plane being above, the lift in the wings stopped, and due to the collision of strong winds, the drive in the plane also started increasing, which started trying to slow down the plane, The pilot was already confused and black

The altitude of the plane in the dark stormy night, the speed of the day, the autopilot of the Air France plane, and the sounds of hitting the ice in the plane, because of these incidents the co-pilot was already scared and again a problem came to the fore and this was the stalled alarm.


Friends, when the nose of the plane goes higher, then it starts colliding with our plane and the plane stops getting a lift.

This condition is called a positive stall. On the contrary, if the plane’s notes go down more than necessary, then this condition is called a negative stall, Air France Flight 447 had now gone into stall condition, and he told the pilot that the plane was not in my control.

Now the second pilot took the plane under his control and here he made the right decision. He started lowering his sadistic to down the nose of the plane, but the co-pilot was still pulling the sadistic of the plane to the right, while the other pilot was moving the sadistic forward.

Both the pilots were applying force in the opposite direction, now even the plane’s computer got confused as to whom to listen to. The pilot or the co-pilot, well, because of the different commands here, was canceling the right decision being taken by him.

The pilots were not even able to lower the nose of the Air France airplane. Due to this the speed of the plane started decreasing continuously and the co-pilot was still pulling the sadistic backward, now neither the pilot nor the co-pilot was able to control the plane.

Due to the continuous decrease in the speed of the Air France plane and the non-availability of a lift, it started falling like a stone. Now here is the entry of the captain who was the most experienced pilot in this plane. But alas, the entry on them was very late. He noticed that sometimes the stall alarm was going off and sometimes it was on.

This is because sometimes the sensor of the plane was getting on and as soon as it was on, it tried to tell that the plane had gone into stall condition, but then the snow storm was blocking that sensor and again the stall warning alarm went off. was going.

The first challenge before the Captain was to down the nose only then the Air France plane could be saved. Now the nose of the aircraft had increased to 40 degrees. After the arrival of the Captain, the pilot realized that he had kept the sadist behind and that is why problems were being created till now.

But it was too late to realize the mistake. The speed of the plane has now become extremely slow. This plane was no longer flying nor was it gliding. It was falling lifeless like a stone. This alarm was the last knell of death.

This alarm of Ground proximity warning alarm rings when the plane comes too low to the ground. This alarm tells them to take the plane up, otherwise, it would hit the ground, but the pilots of Flight 447 could not do anything even if they wanted to, except wait for death.

It seemed as if 228 people had been imprisoned in a stone and thrown towards the sea below 38000 thousand feet.

After a few seconds, this plane collided with the sea and everything was over in just a moment. This plane crash extinguished the burning lamps of the houses for many years, it also gave a new lesson to the pilots on how to face such conditions, in such stormy clouds,

Let’s understand this too. Friends autopilot does not have eyes, it controls the plane by checking its environment with the help of census. If your plane has not entered inside the clouds, then you can avoid it and go in another direction.

But if you go inside it, then only one option is left, until these clouds are over, keep flying the plane in the same way, no matter how much the plane shakes, how much it sways, how much it rolls.

Regardless of all these things, you have to do only one thing, try to stabilize the plane only, not to change the direction, because nature makes planes fly with the help of these winds.

You cannot go against them, you can just fly with their help. Even if all the censuses of the plane are dead, even if the autopilot stops working, even if there is an engine failure, you have to do only one thing, just keep flying the plane straight and nothing else.

Although there may be some problems due to bad census, at least such a big accident will not happen. The biggest mistake the pilot of Flight 4 47 made was that he pulled the sadistic backward. Usually, the experience of co-pilots is less and people often get nervous in such terrible situations. Black night, bad sensor, bad autopilot, sound of hitting snow, stall warning alarm, so many problems come with a pilot who has very little experience.

You can understand what will happen to such a plane. The question here comes that even now many co-pilots have less experience. Even today stormy clouds enter the place, so can such an incident happen again? Yes, it can be. That’s it for today’s blog, see you in the next blog, thanks.


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