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Ground Turkey Dog Food Recipe With Sweet Potato-2023

Hey, guys. Welcome back to Hmongregister, and I’m so excited that today we’re gonna be making another recipe for Dog Food Recipe our blog.


So for those of you who are new, here is Titus, our only boy, and he is super lazy and mellow, as you can see. He’s chillin’ till he hears that food come, of course. Here is Kimari, a crazy girl that never grows up. She’s always excited. Dog Food Recipe.

And here is Una, our alpha girl, who is always balanced and super, super sweet. Almost has a seriousness to her, unless she’s doing tornadoes. She does her unit tornadoes, which you guys can see on our Instagram stories.

Anyways, before we start our recipe video today, I just want to be clear again, because maybe I wasn’t clear enough about this last time in our video. These meals that we’re making for now for our channel are not complete meals.

Ground Turkey Dog Food Recipe:

Dogs need a very balanced diet, a variety of foods, so you can’t just feed this meal over and over again and feel like you’re getting adequate nutrition. Dog Food Recipe, This is a treat meal for either a dog that already eats a wholesome diet and you just want to make something special.

Maybe it’s on a weekend and you want to do something really nice for your dog. Or this is a great meal if your dog is currently on kibble, which we highly recommend to eventually get away from, like we’ve done so far, to get your pup used to eating wholesome, real food.

So those are the two scenarios that I see using a meal like this. Dog Food Recipe. It’s just a treat. It’s nice and it’s healthy. It’s got wholesome ingredients, but it’s not 100% balanced.

I’m not going to go too much into detail about what a balanced diet is, but there are definitely some components that always need to be present, which are meat, muscle, a nice amount of organs, and bone.


And please, before you get into doing any kind of diet that you feed your dog yourself, that you combine and create yourself, research it’s not complicated. Research it or talk to a holistic vet. They will help you put together the right plan for your dog.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes Ground Turkey

So let’s get started so we can feed them a special dinner tonight. And I hope that you guys like this video that you make for your pup. This is a great, delicious meal. A meal is full of nutrition. Let’s get started.

Okay, guys, right before starting to cook dinner, since we are not at home in a different environment, I decided to give them some extra love, some treats, and some affection, and have a very relaxing vibe, so they enjoy this process just as much as I do. Dog Food Recipe.

Okay, let’s get started with turkey. This is organic turkey from the market. It’s simply ground turkey. It doesn’t have the bone or the organs that dogs would usually require on a complete diet, but it’s still a wonderful choice when you’re making this type of meal. This is ground organic turkey.

It actually has two organic seals, and it’s a great choice to go with the organic version because you’re avoiding hormones, chemicals, and all kinds of issues that you have with regular meat. Dog Food Recipe.

So I highly recommend going organic if you can keep in mind that dogs can be allergic to chicken and beef so turkey can be a great alternative. Okay, guys, so here are the eggs. Of course, I’m choosing organic.

Again, it’s free range. Usually, I opt for pasture-raised eggs, but I couldn’t find them in this case, so I went with the organic-free range, and I’m also going to show you guys how I include the shell in this meal. Don’t discard them.


Keep him on the side. Carrots are so wonderful for dogs, but unfortunately, when they eat a hole and you give it to them as a treat, sometimes they don’t digest it. Dog Food Recipe.

You can actually tell when they go to the bathroom. The carrots don’t get fully digested by dogs. So to be able to serve this highly nutritious food, all you have to do is shred it really finely, or you can also cut it lightly, and cook it, and this way, your dog can digest it properly.

So in this case, we’re going to be shredding them really finely. Greens, my favorite food for dogs. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently still feeding kibble or if you’re feeding raw, or if you’re feeding cooked.

Greens are always included in our pup’s diet. You can shed them, cut them up really finely, chop them, arugula, kale, any type of greens, dandelion greens. It’s so beneficial for dogs. We always add it to their food no matter what we feed them.

Oh, wow. Look at Titus. He is so lazy. I’m so proud of him. If you guys watch our previous video, I think it was a sweet potato or another video. I can’t remember which one it was.

They were so much more excited because it was the first time, but now they’re really learning to enjoy this process. Here we go. Okay, I am shredding the carrots. I’m not home, so I don’t have all the gadgets and tools I usually have, but I found the cheese grater, so I’m shredding the carrots, and I’m not going to cook them this time.


Okay, so the husky squad is behaving, so well, I have to go and reinforce this positive behavior by giving them treats, giving them affection, and letting them know this is exactly how I want them to behave during meal prep time. Dog Food Recipe.

What do you guys think? Comment below. Don’t you think they’re amazingly behaved? They’re so sweet. All right, let’s go chopping up the greens. What you want to make sure of when you need any type of greens, in this case, it’s actually baby kale, which has been our recent obsession, not just for the pups, but also for ourselves.

I love them in salads. They’re so great. But what you want to make sure of when you feed greens to your pup is that you want to chop them up as finely as you can.

If I had a food processor here, I would just throw them at the food processor, and it’s a really, really quick process. But you know what? Nothing takes too much time for me to give the Pups what they need, so I spend my time here.


Just grab a good old knife and chop and chop and chop away till it becomes really, really fine and perfect for them to digest. And on top of that, some dogs, when they first start eating raw food, they tend to pick out greens that are too large in size.

So if you chop them up really finely and you mix them into the foods or you add something tasty on top of it, they’ll usually enjoy it, and they won’t pick it out. All right, next up, turkey. Dog Food Recipe.

Just in a pan with a little bit of water or a little bit of oil, whatever it is that you need. I’m not home. Things are usually a little bit more challenging, but still, we always make it happen.

What you want to make sure of with a turkey is that you’re feeding it cooked and because it’s actually human-grade meat, which means it was not meant raw. For dog consumption, you have to make sure that you cook it well till there’s no raw meat left. Dog Food Recipe.

So be patient with this process. Go through it. Make sure everything is cooked perfectly. We’re almost done. All right, guys, you definitely deserve more treats. This behavior is making me so proud. Isn’t even adorable.

She’s the only one that does this with her legs. It always makes me laugh. So cute. Okay, guys, I think it looks like it’s done. Let’s let it cool down because we don’t want to feed its pup hot food, so we set it aside while I do everything else.

Next up are the eggs. Remember, don’t throw the shells away. Dog Food Recipe. I’ll show you in a little bit how you can use it. It has so many great benefits. Calcium, all types of other nutrition.

I know calcium is the biggest one, so don’t throw the shells away, especially if they’re organic, healthy eggs. I am definitely missing my nonstick cookware from home. This behavior is so sweet. These guys definitely deserve more treats.


What do you guys think? Such a good baby. See, at home, I usually don’t have to use oil or hardly any, because I have this great cookware. They’re actually not Teflon. I can’t remember what they are. They’re ceramic.

Yes, ceramic cookware. So I don’t have to use oil, but in this case, if I don’t use oil, they’re just going to stick to the pan. So I have to go with it. But it’s.

So I have to go with it. But it’s not that bad. It’s healthy. I chose a great oil, so it’s fine for now. So I’m getting all these cooked up, and we’re almost good to go with the eggs.

Okay, let’s let these cool down while I continue meal prepping. Here come the eggshells. So this is why we don’t discard them. The only thing about when you first start feeding your dog eggshells is if it’s a whole eggshell, Dog Food Recipe. sometimes they will just throw it aside.

They won’t eat it. So in this case, what I’m doing, I’m really, I don’t know, pressing them, breaking them, whatever you want to call them. I’m pulling them apart so they become really, really small pieces, so they won’t be able to find it in their food, and it will just be part of their meal.


Ground Turkey Homemade Dog Food Recipe:

As they get used to the eggshell, you can give it to them whole, and they’ll actually eat it, just like they would eat in the wild. I think they know they’re going to get dinner. I can see it. We’re almost done. Just remember, whenever you feed your dog any type of food, you want to make sure I know this is obvious, but you want to make sure to always wash the bowls.

We never reuse bowls after a meal. They’re always squeaky clean. We have multiple sets of bowls, so we can just toss them easily in the wash anytime. Okay, so this is what I’m doing here. I’m grabbing the crushed-up eggshells, and I’m putting them into the complete and ready turkey, and I’mixing them up gently and fully until it’s just part of the meal. Dog Food Recipe.

All right, let’s start building the bowls. Turkey first. I’m always into aesthetics. I don’t know why it has to be perfect. Next up, the shredded carrots. Those are not cooked. And let’s add the greens. Isn’t that a beautiful meal?

Okay, guys, next up is fish oil. I’m going to leave a link below about which fish oil we usually use for the Husky’s quads, but because we’re traveling, we’re using this brand. Fish oil is such a great supplement to your dog’s diet. Next up, let’s put the eggs on top. Dog Food Recipe.


I know they’re going to devour this. They’re going to love this meal. The fish oil actually is so great on top of the greens because they love the flavor of the fish oil. So they’re going to definitely enjoy the greens this time. Okay, here comes my favorite supplement for dogs, turmeric.

There are so many great benefits for dogs and for us humans in Tumeric, and I researched this brand. I absolutely love them. I’ll leave a link below also where you can find it and you can get it for your pup.

All right, guys, I think we’re ready to feed the husky squad. You always have to make sure to stay calm and balance yourself. I know they get excited, but they know quickly how to come back down to calm down.

The Husky squad knows that when Isay eat, that’s when they can eat. They are so good, so well-behaved. I know they’re going to love this dinner.

There’s almost nothing more rewarding than seeing them enjoy a healthy, delicious meal. Dog Food Recipe, I don’t know. It feels so good to give them food that I know what the ingredients are.

Raw Ground Turkey Dog Food:

No matter if we feed them a cooked meal or a raw meal, it’s just so much better than putting a bowl of cereal in front of your pups. This is such a great way to add healthy food to your dog’s diet. Plus, they enjoy the flavor so much more.

This table is a little bit too high for them. We’re not home and una especially. She’s our shortest one, so this is a little bit weird. But they still really enjoy this meal. There’s nothing left anymore. Kimari. Kimari. What a numb. And this is good, girl. Dog Food Recipe.


Checking if there’s anything left. There is nothing left. Everything is gone. She found some traps, I think. Are you guys ready for this? I really didn’t think it was going to happen in this blog, but you’re in for a treat. You and a tornado.


She does this every single day, every time after she eats.Tornado.Go, girl nuts. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and that you’re going to try this meal for your pup. It’s so worth it to give him this delicious, healthy meal.

And you’ll see, the more you do it, the more you’ll enjoy it so much more than giving them a cup of kibble. If you guys like this video, give this video a thumbs up and comment below if you’re going to make it for your pup.

And let us know if you want more of those recipes or if you guys would want us to start doing raw recipes, too. It’s so rewarding and it’s so beneficial to feed your dog a healthy diet.

You save so much trouble later on. We have lots more coming. I can’t wait for our next blogs. We’re going to share with you and we’ll see you guys next time.


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