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Clarity Jumbo JetSet Case Review-Must Read Before Buy-2023

Hey, everyone, welcome to my blog. Today I’m going to do a quick overview and comparison between the Truffle Jetset case. And this is in the size small. And I have it here in a limited edition color. It’s the summer of 2020, and this is in the sorbet color.

And then I have it to compare to an Amazon find. And this is Flora Jewel if you can see that there. And this is the only color that it comes in. Unfortunately. This one is the Truffle JetSet case. And this is $75.And this is a little bit cheaper than what do you call it?

Truffle Clarity Jumbo JetSet Case:

Just like their permanent line.Because it’s a summer color with, like, a plastic zipper and then different zipper pools. Their permanent line is like I think it’s like $88 for one of these. They have all neutral colors, like black, brown, white, a light pink gray.

So in the original line, it looks more like this in terms of the zipper and the zipper pools. So I don’t have that one. But I wanted to compare it. I thought it was worth a comparison because this one’s JetSet $75 and this one was found on Amazon for 22.

And when I bought it, it was even on sale, so I got it for like, 15. And they’re very similar. They’re very similar in size. They both look at that. They both have a clear window on both sides. On both sides. And I will say that there are a few others on Amazon that are somewhat similar to this. JetSet Not exactly.

Truffle Clarity JetSet Case Dupe:

This is the closest dupe to Truffle that I’ve seen. But there’s another one on there and it’s I can’t remember the brand name, but I ended up returning it because it was really flimsy. I like this one. I like these because they’re structured.

So you can put on your makeup or perfume or your snacks or whatever. And it’s structured. It’s not going to bend. And I really like how structured these are. So anyways okay, so I’ll show you kind of like, what fits in each one. So I’ve been using this as my snack bag for my diaper bag.

And I will say that I did not come up with this. I saw it from another girl on YouTube who does diaper bag reviews. Her channel is called Really Rosy, I believe, and she does some diaper bag reviews of, like, higher-end bags, like Carrie Kit and Josephina, I believe. So I’ll try to link her channel if I can figure out how to do that.

But thanks to her, I saw this idea and I love it. So I’ll just show you what fits in here. So, quite a few snacks. So I have three kids and I take a lot of snacks with me. Usually, it’s nice because they won’t get smashed. So if you have little what are those? Like little teething crackers or any kind of crackers, really.

They should hopefully not get squished in this. So that is really good for snacks. And then I’ll show you, like, makeup-wise, what can fit in here. And I wish I had one of those bigger palettes because I feel like a lot of people have the big naked palette, but I don’t, unfortunately.

I’m not sure if that would fit or not. But I do have the small naked palette, of course, that fits well. So all my makeup can fit in here. I’m not a big makeup person anymore so that all can fit. This is way more than I would use on a daily basis. But I just want to show you for size reference, that’s not going to fit in there too.

Truffle Clarity JetSet Cosmetics Case:

So all my makeup can fit in here. I think it would make a cute little toiletry bag as well, if you have, like, the little mini toiletries. And they do make this Truffle jet setter case in a large size that has an extra compartment on the back with a band for makeup brushes that’s really nice.

And that one’s like, $120 or something like that. But I don’t have that one right now. So let me just show you that this palette will fit in there for sure. So that is all that. And then just for fun here, I do have two size four diapers, and they will fit in here with some that’s pushing it.

But, like, if you wanted to use this for just a little packing cube for your diaper bag for a change of clothes or diapers or whatever, obviously there’s a ton of different uses that you could use this for. But yeah, I really like these Jetset Cases. I like how sturdy they are.

And this Amazon floor jewel case is just as sturdy. I mean, seriously. This one, I would say, is even a little bit sturdier because it’s structured with this really stiff material inside, and then it’s kind of, like, got this, like, microfiber softness to it.

Just a second. So, yeah, I would love it if this company would come out with more neutral colors, because this, in my opinion, is just about just as good as the way more expensive ones.

So that is all I wanted to say about these two cases, is is the Truffle case and the small size from Jetsetter, and this is the Flora Jewelon Amazon, and I will link them below.

Truffle Clarity Jetset Case Review:

So this is going to be really quick, and it’s just kind of a show and tell on some really great travel cases. These are by the line called Truffle, and I’m sure you guys are familiar with this. So this is the jumbo size here, and this is the standard.

The standard, I pretty much keep my everyday essentials. It’s kind of like my grab-and-go little case. So if I’m running late and I need to do makeup at the office or somewhere in the bathroom, Jetset Case is pretty much what I do every single day. And I’m going to share exactly what’s in here and what fits.

And this one is the jumbo. As you can see, there are actually two sides to this. There’s this side, which is a little deeper, and then this side right here is not as deep. This site right here, you can hold masks, you can do your moisturizer. If you have, like, hair serums in small travel sizes are the perfect spot to put them in. And then this side carries your makeup.

So I’m going to go ahead and start with the small one. I have the dimensions here. I’ll go ahead and just read them. The standard has it’s two inches in height. You can see it’s two inches in height and seven and a half inches in width. And then it is five and a quarter in depth.

So this is the baby one, and it only has one side, and it has two little zippers that you can actually meet halfway, but I kind of just do it all the way across. But let me show you what’s in here. So what I usually use every single day is my Estee Lauder double-wear compact and, of course, my beauty blender.

So I kind of did a little bit of research on YouTube, and everybody absolutely loves this. This is something that gives you a little bit more of a tan look. For those of you who tend to do the self-tanners and stuff, this is the perfect tanner for the face.

Truffle Clarity Jetset Case Blush:

So what I usually do is put it over my compact. And I’ll talk about that compact in some other video because I’m not a huge fan of powders, and I think I’ve said that before, but for some reason, the double-wear powder does not dry out my skin. So I will definitely be talking about that in another video.

Let’s get back to what fits in this little case. So I have my beauty blender and my Estee Lauder double-wear powder. I have my lipstick, lip liner, lash curler, eyebrow pencil concealer, and your lip liner. You can actually fit a lot more in here, but this is what I use on a daily so I don’t have to fiddle saddle.

Looking through other stuff, I know that everything that I use on a daily basis is in here. So I just grab and go. So this is perfect. I can actually probably fit some brushes in here, but like I said, I really don’t need to.

So you can even put this in here, too. It’s perfect. You can see just for sizing purposes, this is all that fits. It’s perfect. I love it. And I think this one was $88 if I’m not mistaken. I think I got an additional percentage off. So that was good.

So this is the standard truffle. Okay, let’s put that aside. So now I’m going to show you the Jumbo Jetset Case. I absolutely love this thing. Love it. It’s got two different sides.

And I’m going to go ahead and start with what’s on this side. On this side I have my okay, so let me just say this. This is the stuff that I would travel with. I don’t always have this stuff in here, but I’m just showing you for sizing purposes what fits in here in case you do travel somewhere and what you can take a Jetset Case with you if you do travel.

So here, I have I’m just going to show you really quickly like this. Travel, please, focusing on my face, but you can see what’s in there. So I have my Gifu hair oil for sizing purposes. This is the Lamir powder brush. My moisturizer is the Nutrix, my skin is extremely dry, so this is a really good moisturizer for my skin.

When it’s feeling extra dry, I use the Nutrix, my Advanced Night Repair, which I go nowhere without. This one is the zero point 87 ounce. So this is a perfect travel size if you use it morning and night, perfect size. Or if you have little samples, you can also just take the little samples. And then I have a few masks.

So the mask that I have with me is the Patchology eye. This one’s, the eye revive something breaking, something’s leaking. Hopefully, it’s not my hair oil. A little wet, but anyway, so I have some eye masks. I usually take two with me. You can refrigerate these two. And then I have my hydrating mask.

And I love the pathology masks. I absolutely love them. I don’t use them enough. I have loads of them, and they just kind of sit on my vanity. But I usually do my spa days on Sundays. But this one is actually one of my favorites.

This one’s.The Hydrating mask. I leave this sheet mask on for like, 15 minutes or so, and then I just take it off and you can actually feel how moist your skin is. So this one is a must. And I do travel with this when I do, and then I have the large detox.

So this one is more like it has a mud effect on you. So you can use this for about 15 to 20 minutes as well and then just wipe it off. And this one detoxifies. So this fits perfectly on this side right here, as you can see.

Now, it does have, like, a brush holder or a container holder. If you choose to take larger products with you so they don’t shift around, you can put it under that little elastic, and put everything back so you guys can see perfectly. And then for sizing purposes, the brush, which I really don’t travel with big brushes like that. I have smaller ones, which are way more compact.

So, as you can see, everything fits perfectly in there. So that’s one side, and this is the side that’s not really really deep. Now the other side definitely is deeper. And I have way more stuff in here. This is stuff that I probably would take with me on this side.

Truffle Clarity Jumbo Jetset Case:

Clarity Jumbo Jetset Case$145.00
Clarity Jumbo Train Case$120.00
Clarity Petite Case$65.00
Clarity Mini Jetset Case$65.00
Clarity Pouch Small$45.00
Clarity Clutch Small$52.00
Clarity Clutch Mini$48.00
Clarity Mini Train Case$75.00
Clarity Pouch Medium$48.00
Clarity Packing Cube Trio$85.00

I kind of would change up a little bit more, but this is pretty much what I would take with me on a daily. And on this side, I have my double-wear Pout makeup, and then I have two of the Armani little blushes. I have my little highlight brush, my Diorbronzer, my mascara that Lola chewed up, and this is the Definosils in the long comb.

I carry two mascaras. And then this is the Hypnos built-in waterproof. By Laura Mercier tint, a couple of pencils. I have my liquid liner. And then I have this one’s, an NYX eyeliner, and then the Anastasia brow pencil and a couple of lipsticks, a pencil shadow by Jetset Case I think this is Charlotte Tilbury.

And then I also have my brow powder and a little sharpener, so all that fits perfectly in here. And as you can see, it is a little deep. And let me get the dimensions. The dimensions of the jumbo are three inches in height, six inches in depth, and the width is nine inches.

So this is perfect, and it’s roomy enough to actually put way more stuff. Now, I don’t have, like, a night cream on this side over here.


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How are Truffle products made?

Our products are intentionally reusable and crafted from the highest quality materials that are both durable and easy to clean.

What is TPU plastic?

TPU plastic is the material used for the clear panels in our products. TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane and is nontoxic. TPU is BPA, Phthalate, PVC-free, and Lead-Free. Because there are no solvents in TPU plastic, when composted the TPU will biodegrade in 3-5 years.

Do Truffle products use real leather?

We have recently transitioned to using both vegan leather and recycled Saffiano and Nappa leather trims, along with rPET Nylon. More detailed information on specific materials can be found on each product page.

How do I know if my Truffle is TSA-approved?

Our TSA-approved clear bags are compliant with the TSA 3-1-1 Liquids Rule. Check the TSA-Approved Collections Page to see if your product is meant to hold liquids in your travel bag, and learn more about the TSA 3-1-1 Liquids Rule.

How do I know if my Truffle Jetset bag is stadium-approved?

Any of our clear bags should work for almost all events and stadiums, as many NFL and NCAA sporting venues have adopted a clear bag policy. Be sure to check the specific venue you are visiting for further details.

How do I style my Truffle Jetset?

While we love how everyone fills our Truffles to suit your individual needs and style if you need some inspiration

What can I put inside my Truffle Jetset?

From packing the perfect suitcase to finally cleaning out your office tote, all of our products are made to show off your unique self, wherever you’re off to. We’ve designed our bags to store all of your favorite things whether that be for travel, beauty, or the the everyday. We have Truffles that are TSA-approved per the 3-1-1 Liquids Rule for your carry-on, as well as stadium-compliant bags so that you can get through security in a breeze.

Can I wash my Truffle Jetset in the washing machine or dishwasher?

We do not recommend cleaning your Truffle in the washing machine or dishwasher. Please see our Care and Cleaning Guide for tips on the best way to keep your Truffle looking its best.

What are the best uses for my clear Truffle?

Our Clarity Collection of pouches, cases, and clutches are meant to be flexible and carry your must-haves for both travel and the everyday. We purposefully designed styles to be TSA-compliant for your carry-on as well as stadium-approved for venues that have clear bag policies.

What is your warranty policy?

Truffle is committed to the quality of our products with a two-year warranty policy. Please contact us at help@truffleco.com if you are experiencing an issue with your item and we will further determine next steps.

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