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Is the Costco Travel Membership Worth It? 2022

There are a lot of benefits for Costco Travel members. They unconditionally guarantee almost everything they sell. You can also return the bones of the steak or the empty container if you don’t like what you got. I returned a couch a year after I bought it without even looking at the membership desk.

Second, if you’ve got non-perishable sundries like kitty litter (me!), dish soap, toilet paper, and detergent, the cost per “use amount” is unbeatable.

Although some perishable items will increase your cost due to wastage and gluttony (very real for most people), I make sure not to buy junk food from them. I get avocados and frozen berries at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

But only you can decide whether it is right for you or not. And, oh, if you care about how a company treats its employees, Costco is a no-brainer. They treat and pay their people like gold. It matters to me and it matters to you.


Can you book travel using Costco Travel for someone who is not a Costco Travel member?

Absolutely. I worked for Costco Travel and booked trips for non-members all the time. As long as the person paying for the trip, a Costco member is fine.

A common scenario was a Costco member booking a honeymoon trip as a gift for a newlywed couple. Or grandparents booking a trip to Walt Disney World for their grandchildren. Those members weren’t always traveling, just buying packages for others.

It is important that if you are booking travel for someone else and it involves flights, you need the correct age and date of birth of the passengers. Changes to that information after booking may incur a change fee.

How was your experience using Costco Travel to book a vacation?

Here’s the deal, Costco travel deals really aren’t that surprising. That’s not to say they’re terrible, but the thing about the travel industry is that it’s so competitive that most hotels and airlines are already cut to the bone.

You won’t find some of the best deals at Costco Travel, though. , You may be able to find a combo package that’s reasonably priced or rare enough to get your attention.

I have been a Costco member for years. I believe in the company, although my employment experience there was not the best. They’re building that company and doing great things. They treat their employees like gold.

They are very ethical. They are just a great organization and I shop there and buy as much as I can.

But if you’re expecting to consistently find something rare and wonderful at Costco Travel, don’t. Their deals are good, just like everyone else’s. But it’s worth checking out because – as with any website – you’ll eventually find something interesting.

That said, your best bet for finding these rare items is through their vacation package deals. If you’re only booking airfare or hotels, don’t worry. There are better sites.

Does Costco Travel Really Save Money?

honestly, Costco travel doesn’t save you money at all because their packages are so isolated and you can’t make any changes to them you can just go through a travel agency or book yourself you’d be better off

Does Costco Travel Have Legitimately Good Vacation Deals?

I always tell people to read reviews.

Costco is in the business of making money from their warehouses and so they can offer huge discounts and give OBCs a lot in the travel industry.

They are also not licensed and trained travel advisors, so they really don’t have the knowledge. It is basically a call center and quantity is what they want, not quality. Your book and they attend to you.

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I’ve heard some horror stories of things gone wrong with these types of vendors and now I call them vacation roulette. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

I have no problem with people using them, but if someone wants a concierge service where they are listened to and taken care of, I would use a travel advisor.

Is Costco Travel Insurance Included?

No, but then you would know that if you spent any time looking at their website, which is open to non-members.

They sell travel insurance for some of their travel offerings subject to restrictions.

Is Costco Good for Travel Cruises?

I used Costco to book a cruise with NCL. The costs listed on the NCL website and on Costco Travel were the same. Nothing extraordinary about booking through Costco travels except for the fact that you get a Costco Cash card based on the stateroom you book.

Does Costco Travel Only Do Flights?

No, they also do travel packages, hotels, and cruises. The savings depend on the types of deals they are able to make with the vendors, but you can expect to save 5-20% on average. You can get an idea of ​​their pricing at http://www.costco.com/travel, You can see some prices without member numbers.

Does Costco Travel Offer River Cruises?

Costco Travel offers a variety of vacations summer cruises, and island getaways some are exclusive resorts for example in Bali and they have a variety of cruises and vacations to various locations in Indonesia that vary from month to month.

Are Costco Vacation Packages Worth the Price?

I booked a cruise through Costco and found that if I waited for a sale I could get a direct booking. However, Costco gave me several add-ons (prepaid gratuity, onboard credit, and a free 1-class upgrade), while the cruise line was only offering one of those perks with their promotion.

If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation, check at least two or three sites before booking. If the potential to save hundreds of dollars checking other sites isn’t worth your time, you don’t need the best price, go with whatever is most convenient.


What’s it like to book a cruise through Costco Travel?

Costco can be hit or miss when it comes to travel. They inflate their packages with incentives, but their call reps are not certified travel agents, so they do not have the education or qualifications a travel agent would have, which is why I suggest going through a travel agent.

They are no extras and work directly with the cruise line and give you lots of attention. I usually tell people wanting to go through Costco that you also read online reviews.

Does Costco Travel book flights with their vacation packages?

Yes. I booked an air package with them earlier this year with flights on United and saved a bunch of money on AAA. Plus, 3% cashback if you pay for it with a Costco Visa card. I love Costco Travel.

Do I need to bring my Costco ID when using Costco Travel Car Rental?

If you are the primary driver, yes.

The rental car agent may ask to see the primary driver’s Costco membership card at the time of car pick-up. You’ll also need to bring your driver’s license, of course.

This is important because only Costco members are entitled to savings and value.

Does Costco Travel offer the best deals for short-term car rentals?

Costco discount codes offer some of the better discounts available to members of the general public. (That is, unless you work for a large corporation that has negotiated big discounts with the rental company, Costco often has some of the best prices you can get.)

They aren’t always the lowest, though, so it still pays to check for other discount codes. My favorite source for checking discounts and getting the best rental car rates is AutoSlash.com.

Is there any benefit to booking a Disney cruise through a travel agent instead of booking through Costco Travel and getting a Costco Cash Card?

It really depends on what you want to buy, almost the same as with any other product.

When you book a cruise (any cruise including Disney Cruise Line cruises) you are buying a box off the shelf.

For Costco, booking a cruise is about the same as a big box of oatmeal or an economy pack of light bulbs. They’re great at selling your boxes.

They aren’t as good at helping you choose which box is right for your particular needs, or providing assistance with using the product once it arrives at your home. You can also try an experiment:

Call Costco Travel’s toll-free number. One of the first AVR prompts will ask whether you are calling to book a new vacation or asking for help with an existing vacation.

Choose “New Leave” and don’t worry about what you’re going to say – just how long it takes them to respond. Write the time Call back now, but select “Existing Vacation”.

See how long it takes them to respond. I suspect you’ll find that it takes them at least twice as long to respond to an “existing vacation” line as a “new vacation” line, and probably more.

And when they do finally answer the phone, the person you booked the cruise with will never be the same person you talk to later when you need help (unless you’re a fan of the unusual side of customer service roulette). formally not lucky players).

And it doesn’t matter who they are, they’re just normal Costco customer service employees. There’s every chance that the person selling you a cruise today was stocking up on frozen meals or chopping meat last week.

You have no reason to believe that they will have any special knowledge or training about the product you are selling.

Conversely, when you call Mouse Master Travel, I answer the phone. If you call our toll-free number, the AVR system helps you find an extension for your agent – you deal with the same person for service who helped you book your cruise.

They know who you are, remember what you told them about your family’s needs, preferences, and interests, and are constantly working to anticipate your needs and make the cruise planning and travel experience as enjoyable as possible.

have been Your emails are answered personally by someone who knows you and your holiday, not just your confirmation number.

A Mouse Master travel professional will help you determine which cruise is the best option for you, when is the best time to take that cruise, and which room category will best suit you for the experience you are seeking Get the Value – We’re helping you get the value before you even book your cruise.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know. We help you understand things you didn’t realize were issues.

Once you’ve booked, we’ll help you get to your cruise, and arrange flights, hotel nights, port transfers, and more.

Disney Bus, and make sure you arrive at the port when they want you, rather than when Disney decides they’ll pick you up).

We’ll help you find an excursion that suits your interests (and decide which ports might be where you can save some money by not booking an excursion, and provide you with things to enjoy onboard while you’re in port.) Would recommend).

We’ll make sure you have your tickets to the Princess Gathering (the random person you talk to from Costco Travel probably doesn’t even realize there are tickets to the Princess Gathering, let alone that they’re important).

If you’re interested in paying the least amount possible, go ahead and book with Costco.

If you’re interested in getting the best value for the money you spend and having the cruise experience that’s right for you and your family, work with a professional travel agent who knows the product, when listens when you talk, and those you know will be on the other end of the line when you have a question or need to take care of something.

I have a Costco executive membership. Will I get 2% back on my Costco trip?

However, if you have a Costco-branded Citi Visa credit card, you’ll get 3% cash back on all your travel purchases. And you don’t even need an Executive membership to get that benefit.

What are some of the best travel packages offered through Costco?

Everything depends on where you are going. Here’s something to understand… Costco will sell them, because they have lots of them, and are cheap.

With the intention of selling 75% of them to make a profit. Could it be cheaper than doing it yourself? Yes and no. You are generally forced to use them during certain periods (and almost always during non-peak times) so that airlines, hotels, and restaurants in those areas can stay in business.

If you are in a crunch of time or you have time to use it, use it. If you can plan ahead, you may find that you can save more money by doing all the different businesses separately. Search for a hotel, a rental car boat / a camper / whatever separately so you can find the best deals yourself.

In short, if it works for you, and you don’t have time to do all the legwork yourself, hit up Costco. If not, do it yourself. But… either way, the best vacation package is the people you’re with.

A loved one, a friend, whatever. and local people, who may be able to give you more information than any website. Remember, just because you found it on a website, doesn’t mean that website has all the answers. Rural places are sometimes still known orally.

(Best place to eat, is the best way to describe it. Ask a local bartender where he eats. You get great food, and it’s usually very cheap. Some groceries (way cheaper ) buy and grill outside. Bring the smell of food to others. , and this is the best time.)

Does using the Costco CitiVisa to buy travel expenses get a 2% discount?

Costco Anywhere Visa offers 3% back on city travel. If you’re an Executive member and buy your travel through CostcoTravel.com, you’ll get an additional 2% off Costco on your annual reward, for a total of 5% back.

Can You Buy Tickets to Disney World From Costco?

There are all kinds of Disney vacations you can buy, according to Costco Travel. I would call their travel department and discuss what is available and fits your budget.

How to Create a Costco Travel Account

Your Costco Travel account is separate from your Costco.com account and requires a separate registration. Once you’ve registered, you can log in to your profile at any time to view your bookings and print itineraries.

Enter your Costco membership number. You can find it on the back of your membership card, or on the back of your Costco Anywhere Visa® Card By Citi

Enter your last name as it appears on your membership card

Enter your email address, and re-enter to confirm

Create a password to access your Costco Travel Account.

Password requirements include:

Contains 8-128 characters with no spaces

Can’t contain your email address or membership number

Click the “I’m not a robot” box to confirm you’re a real person

Click on the blue Create Account button

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