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Vivaia Shoes Reviews Must Read Before Buying- 2023

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to review one of my favorite things, shoes. I’ve partnered with Vivaia Shoes to review eight pairs of shoes from the brand that I’m testing. Over the past few months, and I have to say, they are pretty ridiculously comfortable.

Reviews for Vivaia shoes :

You may remember that I recently partnered with him on a video where I talked about the power of a pair of Vivaia Shoes and how they can transform an outfit and create a different personality. message or vibe you’re looking for. If you want to go and get a little watch, I’m going to link it here on the card.

Process of making Vivaia Shoes-

I continue to wear those four pairs in addition to the four new pairs. Styles, and I wanted to share a little background on the brand for those of you who may have missed or are familiar with that brand. Vivaia is a sustainable footwear brand that is truly eco-conscious at its core.

Now, this is the cool part. Every pair of shoes they design and manufacture is made using threads made from six recycled plastic bottles. I love seeing a single-use item being reused to make something that is really, really stylish as well as functional and comfortable.

Are Vivaia shoes comfortable :

Each pair of shoes is designed using the ZeroVaste design process and manufactured with 3D technology. And they all also come in 100% recycled cardboard boxes, which can be recycled again to give them another life. The unique thing about Vias shoes is the fact that every single pair is knit.

So they have this really beautiful textural component to them that makes them more interesting. And you’ll notice, depending on the style, they’ll have slightly different knitted textures, which is fun.

And I strongly recommend go and grab one and have a look at the website a little bit to see. A few other things I wanted to mention about shoes is that some styles have a mix of other threads.

Aria Five Vivaia Shoes –

So the Aria Five, which is going to be the first pair I’m going to review, they’ve combined cotton and hemp in the fabric. That’s why hemp is a wonderful material because it requires very little water to grow and naturally absorbs moisture.

It is odor resistant and mildew resistant, and the good thing is that you can easily wash these shoes in the washing machine too, so they are very carefree and very easy to maintain and care for.

As we go through each pair, I’ll talk about sizing, which I know many of you will be very curious about, especially if you have wide feet like mine. I’ll also have some outfit ideas so you can get a little inspiration on how to style them.

And I also have a discount code for 15% off sitewide. If you do want to buy a pair of their shoes or are planning to, you can save a little on your order. The code is MJ15.

I’m going to see it here on the screen and all those details. All of them will be in the description box along with the different styles that I am sharing with you today.

I want to start with what I think of Viya’s Hero shoes. It’s called Area Five and the color I have is espresso. This is how they look and their texture is quite tightly woven.

These are as flat as your classic pointy toe. As I mentioned earlier, the Aria Five is blended with cotton and hemp, so it’s super easy to care for. I haven’t. I threw my shoes in the washiest because I haven’t soiled them at all, but I’m wearing them.

They’re becoming one of my most worn shoes of winter because I love the deep, neutral brown color and they’re so easy to wear. They almost feel like wearing slippers.

Their actual weight is very light. So if you are traveling and want to have an attractive yet comfortable shoe then these are great.

You can put it in your suitcase, but you don’t want anything too bulky or heavy. They are quite flexible and flexible, which you can see here. Their sole is super duper flexible, which makes them great for lounging around all day long. .and I haven’t had a single blister in all the times I’ve worn them, and in fact, I’ve worn them on my regular walks where I’m walking over 5,000 steps at a time.

That’s why these have been such wonderful winners in my wardrobe. One thing I love about them being knit is that often I knit folds along the vamp on the front of the shoe with a pointy toe flat.

Reviews on Aria Five Vivaia Shoes –

Along the front of the shoe being knitted. This isn’t something that is visually obvious and I think you could easily use it as a teamer if there was any kind of creasing that bothered you, which I think is great. I did mention this in my blog review, which I will link down in the description box as well.

If you’d like to read through them the actual sole on these is a little bit on the narrow side. I haven’t found that this bothers me because they aren’t too narrow for me width-wise, which is really the bigger concern when it comes to adding shoes like this and especially pointed-toe shoes to my wardrobe in terms of sizing up for my true size, which is a European 40.


Vivaia Shoes for wide feet:

I find that this is actually a really great size for me in these shoes. The reason why these are called the Aria Five is that based on the original Aria style, these have a five-degree additional width across the foot. So you do have that extra room. So they really are designed especially for those who do have slightly wider feet.

Though, if you have narrow feet, you are perfect in these two. And I love the fact that they have the extra cushioning in them as well. It gives you extra support when you are walking a considerable distance. So those are fabulous. I don’t know if I mentioned, but I’ve got the Espresso color and they come in, I think, 19 different color options.

So there’s kind of something to suit everyone. Lots of classic neutrals, but also some brights as well.

Okay, next, let’s talk about a style that you won’t have seen me mention before. These ones are the Melia pointed-toe striped flats.

Melia pointed-toe striped flats Vivaia Shoes –

So what you’ll notice about these, differing from the Aria Five is that they have this really cool striped knit texture to them. And these are actually Dorset flats. So you’ll see that they have this cutout detail here, which I really like.

I think that it’s an interestingtake on a pointed toe flat.It makes them feel a little bit more elevated.And just like the previous ones, I think thatthese are a really good option for the office.These ones differ from the AriaFive in a few other ways.

The sole is a lot more robust and sturdy, so you’ll see it doesn’t quite have that same flexible nature. Do you find there’s a very, very little heel and also the padding on the base of the shoe as well is a little bit more rigid.

Reviews on Melia pointed toe striped flats Vivaia Shoes –

It still gives you that support, but itisn’t kind of pillow like or cloud like,like you would get with the Aria Five.So I do want to highlight that and for that reason,I do think that these are much more of a formalshoe, something that is really going to elevate your outfits.

Again, I took these in my usual size, EU 40, andI find that they are a good fit for me.I don’t know that going up asize would necessarily be a good thing.Maybe my heel might slip out if I did.I don’t really find that they are too narrow forme across the foot, which is really the pressure pointand kind of the barometer for me when it comesto deciding whether a shoe is too small or not.

Vivaia flats review:

These are actually the ones that I have on my feet today. But, yeah, I think they’re really, really chic. And as mentioned, I think these would be a really great one for the office as well. And hopefully you can see here they’ve got that padded cushioning here at the back of the heel as well, which gives you that little bit of additional support.

Donna pointed toe bow loafers Vivaia Shoes –

Okay, let’s move on to a pair of loafers. Now, these are called the Donna pointed toe bow loafers.I almost like to think of these asmy aladdin slippers just because of the silhouette.But the striking detail about these is that they havethe bow across the vamp here, instead of your classicstrap, which you might often get on a loafer.

And for me, what really drew me to this particularstyle is the fact that there is that balance ofmasculinity being a loafer mixed in with feminine elements.So the bow and also the pointed toe.Now, one of the things I really like about pointedtoe shoes is that they are visually elongating, so theywill make your legs appear longer, especially if you’re wearingtrousers or a skirt in the same sort of color.

So you’re getting this one column of colorgoing down, which just visually draws the eyedown and does have this illusion of length.The knitted texture on these is a lot moreflat, which hopefully we’ll come across in video.

Otherwise you should be able to get a close up look on the website. And these have that same super flexible sole as the Aria Five. They do have a little bit more structure at the heel, but I don’t find that it rubs or anything like that.

Reviews on Donna pointed toe bow loafers Vivaia Shoes –

I have worn these quite a bit outand about and they’ve been really, really comfortable.I haven’t really noticed any major creasing oranything across the toe, which is great.And in terms of sizing, I actually wentup a full size to a 41.

I did initially feel that they felt a little bit tight across the foot, but wearing them for one full day, the knitted yarn, it has given, and now I don’t find that there’s any sort of tension or anything like that across my foot. There’s no discomfort, and there never was , even Have a little bit less room in the toe box area.

So you need to keep that in mind that the shoe is going to be able to accommodate that width across the foot. So, yeah, definitely go up a size if you have wide feet like me.

Melody Square chunky heel Vivaia Shoes –

Next pair of shoes I want to talk about are the Melody Square chunky heel. Now these are a really good little classic option for the office. They have that modernity with having the square off toe and then the block heel is really, really comfortable, really easy to walk in as well.

And you kind of see it’s got this curved design and I like the fact that even though the toe is square, it’s also got the curved edges as well. So it does feel really soft. This has similar to the Melia stripe pumps, it has that striped effect, striped grain texture to it, which is really fun.

And then you’ve got the contrast tighter knit around the edge of the shoe. And of course, you have the embroidered V here on the heel. And every single pair of shoes does have this little embroidered V to signify the Via. Now, I got these in my usual size EU 40and I find that they fit really, really comfortably.

Reviews on Melody Square chunky heel Vivaia Shoes –

Though my toes are quite high up in the toe box area, it doesn’t feel like it’s too snug and for me, I’m quite happy with the way that they fit. However, I do think if you’re a wider foot, you may like to potentially go up a size in these. I think you can go either way.

So it really depends on if you want to have a little bit more room at your toes in terms of length as opposed to width, or if you’re quite happy whether your toes sort of reach near towards the end of the shoe or not. Again, I just think these are such a little classic to have in your workwear wardrobe and being a really nice neutral.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with these and they’re definitely a great one. Even if you’re sort of running to catch the bus or the train, you won’t have any issues. And they do have that nice little padded section here at the back that I keep mentioning as well for that additional heel support and comfort.

These shoes are definitely the ones that I was the most excited to unbox. They’re called the Leah Sling back heels and I opted for them in the navy. They do also come in classic black and I think they came in a cream as well. There’s a few different color options and this is quite a richly saturated navy color.

I really like navy because I think it is a great alternative to black, especially if you have a fairer complexion. It is less high contrast, but it is still away to incorporate those darker tones into your wardrobe. And that was one of the reasons why I wanted to get them in navy, because I think also it’s fun to do a full monochromatic look.

And yeah, I love wearing navy shoes to kind of complete that as opposed to a black option. I don’t know how well it will show on camera again, because they’re darker shoes, but they have the most beautiful knitted texture.

It’s really different from all of the other styles and slightly unusual in that way. It’s not quite Honeycomb-esque, but you will see that there is a little bit of an open-knit design to it, which is really nice. And then at the actual toe, where there is this toecap design, it is more of a tightly woven knit. Now, being a sling-back shoe.

I actually would recommend, if you have a narrow foot, sizing down one, just to ensure that you’ve got security with the strap at the back of your heel. If you have wide feet, stick with your usual size, because I’ve not had any issues with these slipping off my foot. Again, I really like the heel height on them.

I think that it is reasonable, gives you that really nice literal visual height. But then it is really comfortable as well. It isn’t the type of thing that feels cumbersome and I don’t really find that the heel drags down or anything like that when I am walking around, because that is something that you can sometimes get with a slingback pump like this.

And again, another little detail that I like on these is the squared-off vamp here as well, across the foot. I just think that adds that really nice little touch of modernity. Again, so, as mentioned for the Sizing, I did take these in a European 40 and I found that they fit really perfectly on my wide feet.

These are so incredibly comfortable as they have a really super soft but thick yarn. So a total winner. Really, really gorgeous. And if you’ve been looking for something like this, I think they’re a really great option for the summer because they do have the open knit, so they are going to be incredibly breathable.

Mini pointed-toe everyday flats Vivaia Shoes –

This next pair of shoes is to me, the perfect pair of everyday black ballet pumps. They’re called the Mini pointed-toe everyday flats. So, again, these do differ from the Rea five flats in a few different ways.

One, the sole is a bit more rigid, it’s got more structure to it. It has this really cute little low-block heel, so gives you just a teensy win cy little bit of height. I do find that the toe is a little bit more squared off on these. And then they do have the cushioning, the padding, and the sole, but it isn’t are movable insole like on the Aria Five.

This one is actually attached to the base of the shoe. Now, I think that these are just so incredibly stylish and they’re just chic. They feel very Parisian for me, a really good reflection of my own personal style as well, and the type of thing that I like to reach for every single day on Sizing. Now, I have these in a European 40, and again, I will keep mentioning this, but I do have wider feet.

And I do think I would have been better served with a European 41. I don’t have any issues wearing them, but they do just a little bit more on the snug side, so a little bit more restrictive than, say, a European 41 would be.

Reviews on Mini pointed-toe everyday flats –

So if you do have a wider foot, I would highly recommend sizing up in these. If you have narrow feet, I think you can stick with your usual size. But yeah, they’re just brilliant little shoes. And they also come in a cream color as well, I believe. So you can have both ends of the color spectrum, so you can do your neutrals and then you can do your darker looks, but black, they go with absolutely everything.

So I personally adore these, and I would say, in addition to the Aria Five, seas are probably my favorite of the bunch. Next doll, I think is probably going to be a bit of a marmite one, and I think it’s because they’re just really an unusual shoe. And this is one of the things I like about Vivaia, is that they’ve got some really different silhouettes and styles, so there’s going to kind of be something that will suit everybody.


Double Straps Slide Sandal (Naina) $97.00
Pointed-Toe Ballet Flats (Aria 5°)$97.00
Round-Toe Knotted Flats (Bibi)$97.00
Almond Toe Block Heel (Tamia Block Heel)$139.00
Small Square-Toe Mesh Heels (Maelyn) Lightweight Pointed-Ballet Flats (Aria Walker)$79.00
Square-Toe Block Heel Slide (Juliet)$97.00
Square-Toe Block Heel Slide (Jade)$97.00
Pointed-toe Slingback Sandals (Leah 2.0)$97.00
Round-Toe Chunky Heels (Julie Pro)$139.00
Square-Toe Wedge (Margot Wedge Pro)$129.00

Caitlin square toe knot loafers –

These are called the Caitlin square-toe knot loafers. And obviously, the really defining feature of these is the braided detail across the foot. I have these in gray, which is sort of a mild charcoal, which I think, again, is another thing that helps keep these feel really, really visually interesting.

These also have the squared-off toe and they have a very, very low block heel to them as well, so you get a little bit of additional height. The sole on these is, again, that more rigid defined sole, so you’re not going to get that same flex that you get with the Aria Five S.

And they do have a lot more structure to them. I do find that this particular pair does fit a little bit more on the narrow side. So if you do have a wider foot, then you may want to size up to the 41. I haven’t got any issues. I’ve got them in the European 40. But it’s just more of a question do you want to have that immediate additional room?

As I do feel like these have a little bit less give to them than perhaps some of the other styles, but yeah, I think these are really fun, really different, and they do mix, again, those really masculine details with a little bit more of a feminine component with that braided effect across the foot. So those are the braided loafers.

Jade square-toe slide heels –

The final pair of shoes that I want to share are called the Jade square-toe slide heels. So these are your classic mules with that knitted panel across the foot as the strap. And you’ll kind of see here that there’s almost an asymmetric detail with how the strap crosses over which I think is really, really beautiful. I have them in this lovely nude. They do come in, I believe, six different colors, including some really beautiful pastels and bright. So you don’t necessarily have to go with something really classic.

You can go with something that’s really vibrant and fun, especially if you are into that dopamine-dressing trend. I think having a really bright and punchy shoe is a fun way to add some color to your outfit, especially if you tend to wear a lot of neutrals like I do.

The place these have in my wardrobe is as a going-out shoe, and I really love these because you’ve got the simplicity of just slipping them on and then having your outfit complete and finished. Being nude, they really just elongate my legs, make them look longer, kind of being a similar tone to my complexion, and they’re really, really comfortable as well.

I find the heel height on them, and this is really a running thread with all of the heeled shoes that I’ve got from Verbiage. The shoes are not astronomically high, so they have a reasonable heel height, sort of a mid-heel. So you get the height, but then you’ve still got the comfort because you don’t have that ridiculous extension on your arch, which puts a lot of pressure on your heel and the ball of your foot.

So with this, your weight is really evenly dispersed across the shoe. And I find that’s one of the things that makes a mid-heel like this really comfortable. I really like the architectural detail as well that you’ve got on the heel, too, where it is kind of angled and squared off.

I just think that’s another really interesting component. But yeah, I just think these are really sweet. I went with my usual size, which is an EU 40. And I do recommend, regardless of whether you’ve got wide feet or narrow feet sticking with your usual size, I think these ones fit true to size. So, yeah, that is the final pair that I wanted to mention.

Conclusion –

I hope that this was a really, really helpful resource for any of you who have been considering purchasing a pair of shoes from Vivaia. It was really fun to kind of go in-depth and share a little bit more about each particular style so that you get a bit more of a close-up look at them.

As I said earlier, I will also link the blog reviews that I did down in the description box below because I think those could be an additional helpful resource. I also have 15% off sitewide at the Via using the code MJ 15. It’s going to be on screen. All of that information is going to be down in the description box along with links to all of the shoes that I featured today. Thank you so much for watching.

I do want to know if you have a favorite pair of shoes or if you have purchased from Vivaia before, then I would love to know which pair of shoes you added to your wardrobe and in what color as well. Please tell me in the comments section. Thank you so much for watching, and for spending some of your day with me. As always, I really, really appreciate it. I appreciate you. I will see you next time with a brand-new video. See you very soon. Bye.


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