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Lily and Bean Handbag Review -2023

Now, I have such an exciting blog. I have been waiting for this package for what feels like forever, but it’s only been about two, maybe three weeks. I have just received it. So as you can see, it’s not open. This is going to be an unboxing and review of my new Lily and Bean handbag.

So I’m going to show you. It smells very strong, exactly what I’ve received. Now, to be honest, this seems very small. I feel like this Lily and Bean bag is smaller than I thought. I don’t know. I’m very confused.

All right, so plain box, which is not that exciting. Open it.

How do I open this?

Confused. Definitely a true unboxing. And then we have this. Okay, so a little thank you card, which just says, sent with love by Lily and Bean. So their details are down the bottom here. If that focuses, I can’t see.

And they’re just some of the products that they have. So they actually do a few personalized items. So I just was getting super anxious. That one, I did the wrong initials or I put them in the wrong spot, but I did not.

So this came to 198 dollars forty Australian. So it was $188 for the bag, and then shipping was $48. But I did find a discount code, which definitely try it. I think it saved 20% off. It was just Lux 20. So I saved 37, 60. See a total of that.

Lily and Bean Hettie Mini Bag Review:

This is the dust bag. Again, super, super cute. And it’s cute. I feel like it’s so much smaller than I initially anticipated. I love the color. Let me look. Oh, so cute. It’s so cute. So this is called the Hetty mini bagten with initials and fabric pattern strap.

So I got my initials, NL, obviously here. Oh, my God. Okay, so straight off the bat, we have a problem. Look at that.

There is, like, leather missing here. That’s actually really disappointing. So quality, I’m not sure. I don’t know about that quality. Surely someone would have seen that, but I don’t know.

So we have the leather strap, which matches. I don’t know, even the hardware seems a little bit dirty or something. I’ll show you up close. So this is the obviously leather strap. Does look like it’s going to be small for cross-body.

Other than that, the outside does look okay. They have little covers on the feet, but yet just that little mark on the inside, I don’t know. And this is the fabric strap. Now, to be honest, I don’t feel like I’m going to wear the fabric strap.

Interesting. I don’t know if it’s hand-painted or embossed. It might be hand-painted. It’s not super crisp. Yeah, this is the fabric strap, which it just comes with. So you have the option. But I’m going to try and get this plastic off.

I don’t really know how I just pull it. Okay, It’s cute. It’s really cute. It’s just that one mark. It’s really going to frustrate me. Even though it is on the inside, it’s kind of there’s a little mark on the front. Wait, let me get this off. My God. You guys, the more I look at it, the more little marks I’m seeing.

Lily and Bean Bags:

Okay, so here on the front, see that little dot? And then the hardware just seems to be I mean, that might just brush off that’s Annoying. I know that this is like super pedantic to pick out all these things, but it’s like when you’re paying for something, you want it to be like perfect.

Look, marks there. That imperfection here. I don’t know if I showed you that one. Like right there, that mark. I’m a little disappointed. Super cute bag nonetheless. So it looks like a little Kelly. Like Hermes Kelly.

And you’re meant to oh, my God. What? And look at all the marks on this. This is going to be hard to show you. Okay, focus. Like, look at this. I don’t understand. So this kind of took a little bit of a turn from what I was expecting.

But it sits like that. So super cute. Oh my God. Yeah, I don’t know. So this is the big mark on the back. And then there’s also here is a little bit of a mark. So I’ll show you. It’s quality. Not sure. Look I’m going to contact them Super cute.

I don’t see me at all closing it. I feel like it’s going to be more like that Maybe more like this. Something like that I think is a super cute bag, but there are just unfortunately some quality issues. But yeah, if you are looking to purchase from Lily And Bean, then hopefully you do get a better quality item because yeah, there are just a few imperfections which I know can’t be helped sometimes.

But also I’ll take these off. Also, I feel like it should be looked at properly, especially if someone’s like painting or embossing. Surely you would be able to check the products first. So I also do have one of their canvas bags coming, so I will definitely do a review on that.

Lily and Bean Tote Bag:

You guys, I can’t. I just can’t. I have to move out of this bag. It doesn’t work for me as an everyday bag. If you want to know why, keep watching.

So this is the Lily and Bean bag. I got it monogrammed with my initials and got this bag back in December, and I put all my things into it right after New Year’s. And I had planned to use it as my work bag during the spring semester. But, you guys, I cannot use this bag for an everyday work bag anymore.

I’ve pretty much reached my limit, and I need to switch out of it. And I want to tell you why. This particular style is called the Lily. This is the regular size. It came in three options of sizes. The mini, the regular.

I think on the website, it’s just referred to as the Lily tote, and the larger size is called the Lily Weekender Jumbo. I mean, the reason I got it is because I could get my initials monogrammed on here. I could personalize it. My initial impression when I opened it, it was nice, but it was nice.

It was nice for the price point, it’s nice for the price point. But I would not pay anymore. I got this one on sale back in the fall. I paid $102 and then an additional 29 for shipping. Was easy and fun. To create. The colors and the design for your monogram, I’ll put up on the screen what it looked like when you can see the choices.

Lily And Bean Bag Reviews:

And I’ll put up on screen what the design looked like once I could preview it, and as you can see, is really accurate. The only differences that I could see from the preview and from what I really ordered edit, I’ll come closer to show you.

I don’t know if it’s coming across on camera, but the print is just a little bit thin. You can actually see through the paint a little bit more than I expected. You can see the gray fabric through this pink paint. For my initials, I don’t know, I wanted the initials to be just a little bit more bold.

Not in terms of color, because the color is bold, but in terms of presence on the bag. So I’ve been taking it with me every day to work as a work tote. The size is okay. You can see here it does fit a laptop. So I’m going to go ahead and take that laptop out. I got an organizer to fit down in there, which works really well.

And then just back here, I keep notebooks and my calendar, things like that. Okay, so here is what the bag looks like empty. So you can see this. So here’s a little thread, but this is what I remember when I was first getting the bag out of the box is that there were just little threads.

And I’m not saying that that’s good or bad, but that’s just kind of an indication of the quality of the bag. Like here, you probably can’t see that, but there’s a loose thread here on top of this stitching. It does have a zipper closure here, which is a nice feature.

It is like a plastic zipper, but it’s working okay. One thing to note is that the tail of this zipper is generous, so it doesn’t get in the way when I’m putting things in and out of the bag. Here’s another detail maybe you can notice and you can see, look, there’s some thread hanging off of this tag.

So this is the level of detail. This is the level of detail that you would get with this bag. There is a zipper pocket in the back. Got my other key fob here for our other vehicle. The lining for this bag is okay. It is just okay. It’s not anything significant. Here’s the rest of the overview of the bag.

You can see, even though I’ve been using it for a good three weeks, the initial fold has not fallen out of this bag. Like I said, I’ve been using it for three weeks straight.

And I’ve had an insert in here, organizer in here, and it’s been fully stuffed. And this fold is still here. The crease is still here in this bag, and it’s still a little bit creased along this seam.

That’s not a huge deal, but something worth mentioning. So this is the back the sides and the bottom of the bag. I cannot comment on how the trims will wear over time,

but why can’t I use this as an everyday bag?

The reason has to do with the proportions of the drop between this long-shoulder drop here and these handles here. I mean, I like having the option to wear this bag as a tote on my shoulder and then sometimes picking it up here.

I like that option. But when I go to put this on my shoulder, these handles get in the way. So it just is very cumbersome. It just really gets in the way here. So it’s definitely a two-hand tote situation to get the handles up over my shoulder. And then when I do that, these handles kind of stick up here, as you can see, like, in my armpit.

So I just don’t think it works very well as a shoulder tote bag when I’ve been using it. I pretty much don’t use these chain handles. I just leave them down for decoration. And I pretty much have found myself only using this as a handheld bag. And for me, when I go to work, I need a shoulder tote.

So this is why I’m going to have to change out of this as my daily work tote. It doesn’t mean, I still can’t use it in the future for other purposes, but for my daily work bag, it’s not going to cut it for me. But now I’m not opposed to a bag that has both a short handle and long shoulder straps because I do have a bag like that in my collection.

I’ll show you. This is one of my gym Lily And Bean bags, meaning I have a different gym bag depending on the class that I’m going to. And this is my spinning gym bag because I take my spinning shoes with me back and forth and my clothes and lots of things.

It has the same concept, meaning that it has these short handles here for hand carry, and it has these long straps here. But one of the main differences here is that the short handles can easily tuck down inside the bag. By the way, this is a Dagney Dover brand.

I forgot the name of the style. I will put it down in the description box just in case you’re curious because it’s a really cool bag in terms of being roomy and functional. What I’m saying is that when I go to put it over my shoulder, these little short handles do not get in the way.

Lily And Bean Bags Collections –

Fiery Neon Pink Tote and Ultimate Cosmetic Duo£195.00
Black Canvas Tote Medium Tan Handles White Tan Stripes£120.00
Vintage Lily and Bean Trunk Black with Tan£295.00
Tropical Beige Mini£120.00
Lily and Bean Cable Knit Fabric Tote with Initials Jumbo£175.00
Lily & Bean Eva Chain Bag Khaki Texture Snake£99.00
Lily & Bean Hettie Mini Bag – Tan with Initials & fabric Patterned Strap£135.0
The Lily Canvas Jumbo – Black Trim Cursive£165.00
Lily & Bean Canvas Tote Bag Lilac with Dark Brown Handles Medium£120.00
Lily and Bean Weekend Blue Tropical Initials Only Bag Navy£165.00

Lily And Bean Weekender Bag:

When I want to get in and out of my car, I can grab it with my hands here. The design is much better on this Lily And Bean bag, having the shoulder carry and the hand carry. So I’m very curious to try this bag on with it having a long strap and a top handle grab because I’ve just recently had oh, yeah, look at that.

It does not interfere at all. That is a great strap drop. These handles are always upright. They will not bend or be flexible enough to go inside the bag to allow you to have a really good clearance for this shoulder strap.

I tried to look at the strap drop for the larger bag, Lily And Bean like the Weekender Jumbo size, but that information was not provided on the website. So I can’t comment on if you were to get a larger size bag, if you would have the same issue or not.

But other than this, I think it’s such a cute little design check. My phone will fit, definitely, but yeah, I really like it. So if you have a Lilli and Bean bag, let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you. Thank you guys so, so much for watching, as always. And I will see you in my next blog very soon. Thanks again.


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1. Can you tell us about your sustainability goals at Lily & Bean?

Reducing our impact on the planet is important to us at Lily & Bean. We plant 5 trees for every sale made on lilyandbean.co.uk, plus support innovative carbon reduction schemes across the planet. Read more about this on our Ecology Page. We also use DHL Go Green, which offers carbon-neutral deliveries around the world.

2. Can I change my order?

We only accept changes within 12 hours of ordering.

3. Are the initials case-sensitive?

Yes, we write exactly as the personalization is written. So please do triple-check exactly how you write the initials in the box- it is printed or painted exactly as you enter it. This will be your responsibility if wrong.

4. Can you refund personalized goods?

No, we do not refund personalized goods.

5. Do you offer refunds on non-personalized goods?

Yes, we do, however, it is up to the customer to cover the return postage back to our warehouse and we do not refund the initial postage either.

6. Do you cover customs import taxes and duties?

Shipments within the UK do not have any import taxes, duties, or fees.
For international orders, if there are any import duties due, you will be given the option to pre-pay them at checkout. If you choose not to pre-pay, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay any fees, and this can sometimes also create delays in your delivery.

7. Can I cancel my order?

Hand-painted items – canvas totes can be canceled within 4 days of ordering.
Luggage must be canceled within 5 hours of ordering (these products go straight into production after the order is made).

8. Do you gift wrap and add gift notes?

Absolutely! On the cart page, you can optionally add a Gift Message, and Gift Wrapping (£5 GBP).

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