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Best Tesla Car Wrap Easiest Way-2023

This is Sticker City, and today I want to let you know we wrapped over 5 billion Tesla. Okay, maybe 6 billion, but I lost count after the first billion. But somewhere close to that, you kind of get it from those billions of Teslas.


Does Tesla Wrap Cars:

I had the difficult task of picking my favorite Teslas we’ve wrapped. It’s hard to choose, but here are my top ten Teslas wraps that we’ve done of all time, starting with number ten, Joey Garcefa’sModel X, wrapped in KPMF Morpheus black.

Now, Joey is an amazing YouTuber personality, actor, singer, producer, and much more. But I picked this wrap because it’s just unique.

When the sun hits this color, it looks like the stars are coming towards you. The entire vehicle, including the chrome badges, was wrapped in the monotone color with that KPMSMorpheus, the body, and the chrome trims.

All the badges were painted as well in the same color. Joey even did an awesome video about this car, which we’ll place a link below for you to see.

Pictures really don’t do this color justice. And number nine, the Tesla Model X in a full-body black chrome wrap with black accents. Not only is this Tesla unique, with the black chrome all over the body, and a three-wrap as the black accents on the chrome trims, this car and client have a great backstory.

This Tesla client drove 6 hours, 400 miles, all the way from Arizona to have this car wrapped by us. Not only does the car look amazing, but it’s rewarding to know that people will make such a long trip just to have their car wrapped by us.

And number eight, this is Sean’s Tesla Model Three, wrapped in the Expel Stealth felt mode, except with some minor changes that make a world of a difference. We did the car in the Expel Stealth clear ball, giving the body a great black matte or satin finish to it.

Then we powder coated the wheels in the gloss-black, and then we wrapped all the chrome trims in gloss black to help exaggerate the matte body. But I think the green accents help this car really step out of the ordinary. It’s a tough look with some finesse to go along, and that’s why this is in my Tesla top ten wraps.

With number seven, the monotone Tesla Model Three is wrapped all in matte magnetic black from KPMF. I’ve always loved when a car goes all one color, including the entire body, all the clone trims, and even painting the badges the same color. This color just makes the car look tough.

The color has a hint of blue and gray to go along with the black, depending on the lighting and the direction you look at it. Number six, Jeffrey Stars Tesla Model The first time we wrapped Jeffrey’s Tesla, we did it in metallic red.

Not too long afterward, Jeffrey decided to go a little bit more out there so he could really stand out with this pink wrap. I believe Jeffrey really achieved what he wanted to do. The whole body was wrapped in the three Mpink with three M gloss black chrome accents.

And we also painted all the badges in gloss black to go along with the black wheels. Number five, this 2015 Tesla Model S. This Tesla has a special place in my heart, and not just because it belongs to a celebrity. This was the first delt black car that we had ever done, and it started a fashion trend.

We used this picture to show many others a killer new look that is still duplicated today. This vehicle received a full-body Excel Spelt. We wrapped all the chrome trims in satin black, and all the badges were painted in satin black as well.

It’s simple, but it’s a masterpiece of its own. Number four is the Big, Perp Tesla Model 3 car wrap Model three I call this car the happiest car in the world, and it belongs to one of my best friends. The reason I call it the Happiest car is because anytime people see this car, there’s a fascination with it.

I’ve seen people park their cars and just come and see the car, to see if it’s real, to see if the color is there and how vivid it is. They always walk away with a big smile on their face. It’s a conversation started, to say the least.

Tesla Car Wrapping Service:

This Model Three was wrapped in the KPMFImperial Orchid with the three M satin black wrap on all the chrome trims. To finish the car off, we powder-coated the wheels in satin black and painted all the badges in satin black as well.

And number three, R John’s white Tesla Model S. This Model S received all of our services, and it came out just magical. We placed the XL Stealth clear bra on the paint, changing the tone to matte white.

Then we wrapped all the chrome trims in three Msatin black, which we have done in the past. But here’s what was different about this job. We mixed the paint with some of the badges in satin white and did some of the trims in satin white.

We also painted the calipers white and powder-coated the wheels in satin black. Arjon also got the Slip low lure protection, which you can’t really see. We got an amazing final result with this car, as you can see in the pictures.

Number two, Stephanie Sue’s chalk white Tesla ModelX with black accents and acid green accents to go along with the black.

When Stephanie and her fiance came to Sticker City for the first time, Tesla they did not know what they wanted, and she wasn’t going to know until we were finished.

Her fiance and I went to work and came out with this Porsche hybrid look with a chalk white finish on the body and added the green accents on the front and back tees, and also for the Tesla lettering on the back bracket. We also painted the calipers in an acid-green color.

For a finishing touch, we added the three Mgloss black to all the chrome trim plates. Tesla And number one, it’s James Charles and Julia White’s Tesla Model Now, we have done many Model Xs in this color combo before in other clients’ cars, and I’ve always loved this look because it transforms a cool-looking car into a complete fighter.

Jack.Oh, my God. Both cars receive the Expel South Clear Bomb, changing the vehicle’s finish from gloss to a satin finish. Then we wrapped the chrome Tesla trims in satin black and painted all the badges in satin black as well, creating this monotone finish.

We have placed a link to James Charles’s video so you guys can see even more of this beautiful ride. So tell me, which one of these was your favorite?

 Tesla Car Wrap Easiest Way:

I do strive for perfection. Every single job. Attention to detail is crucial in my work. I’m Mike Schwatsky. I am a rapper and a rapping trainer working from my shop in Middlesbrough.

Before we start wrapping, we need to measure the whole car, every single panel, making sure we’ve got enough material, we’ve got every piece separate, ready to go.

We’re working on the Tesla Model three-white cars for every rapper’s nightmare to get into some tight gaps. And for that reason, we need to take the car apart completely. First of all, we’re going to finish the door shoots inside and the back of the doors.

They are the most difficult part of the car and that’s why we need to start on those intricate parts. We are using very specific tools to get to those tiny places. Tiny recesses, micro squeegees, flex, stream squeegees, those kind of dentist tools.

Next up we’re taking the bumpers off the front and the rear one to prepare them for wrapping. We’re going to disassemble them, clean them properly, degrease them, and then we can apply some inlays. We use the knifeless tape in a few parts where we would like to keep nice straight lines very close to the edge.

After doing inlays, we put the bumper back on the car just to make it more solid, more rigid. After doing the main piece of wrapping we’re removing the bumper again to finish all the edges, and all the corners to finish it up. Using the knife in many places we are scoring the material, not cutting through, not damaging the paintwork.

Next up we’ve got the re-quarter panels together with the side skirts, they look easy, but because of the charging port, it’s getting very tricky on those parts. Tell every corner, every edge needs to be finished to perfection. The devil sits in the details as they say. My workshop is pretty much my second home.

I spent most of the time here working on cars that I enjoy close. Action if it’s not the correct direction. All around the car, some panels may look off with slightly different shadows and slightly different colors. What I do like that. I’m actually not selling wraps. I’m selling happiness. Seeing that joy, that smile on the customer’s face when he walks in and sees the beautiful car, now, that makes my job.


How Much Does A Tesla Car Wrap Cost:

Last week, we took you behind the scenes as we color-changed, stealth-wrapped, tinted, and ceramic-coated our new Model X at one of the top expel installers in the US. The cost of the double wrap, customizations, and protection came out to a little over $10,000.

Today, we’ll answer all of your questions and tell you everything you need to know about how you can protect your car on a budget. What do I refer to you as? My Instagram? Bio says the electric car, customizer plastic surgeon. So we’ll just go with a plastic surgeon.

But we do have one of the tops in the entire country here with us today, and he’s going to go through everything pretty much when it comes to paint protection. Why do we get it?

What’s the difference between vinyl? What’s the difference between PPS? Why you would want PPS, different kinds of window tinting, and most importantly, how much things cost. The term brand new is so subjective.

A lot of people think a new car is perfect the minute you take delivery of it at the delivery center. But in reality, there’s a lot that happens between Fremont or in this case nowadays, Austin and Atlanta. I know the cars are shipped via rail, so especially on a car with white paint, you’ll see a lot of embedded rail dust.

The technical term is ferrous particles that are embedded in the clear coat. Any car that’s ever even near a rail yard is going to have all sorts of contaminants. So all that to say, we start with an exterior detail, and make sure that the car is completely decontaminated.

We use an iron remover. We do any paint correction that’s necessary. It’s not like Tesla is sending cars out with major paint defects. It’s very minor stuff. But in your case, the first stop was our friends over at Rap Pros to do the color change, but they completely took the bumpers off, and took the taillights out.

The car was in pieces. Kind of a scary thing for a brand new car, but these guys have wrapped so many Teslas that they’re actually probably quicker and better at taking them apart and putting them back together than a lot of people who have a job at the Tesla service center.

The price range for a quality color change vinyl wrap is between $4,000 in the Atlanta market, and I’d say that probably applies to the country as a whole. They’re likely just going to do the front bumper, which is, let’s say six to $800 to wrap, which is the panel that’s most likely to take hits from rocks and from the road.

And maybe they’ll add the hood, which would add another six to $800.So you’re talking less than $ 2,000 to protect the high-impact areas. In the case of your Model X, we did the full stealth PPF on all the areas that have this satin battleship gray, because stealth would keep it satin.

But then we also did gloss PPF on every single piece of Piano Black trim. So even the camera housing right here has PPF over it. The mirror stalks every single piece of window trim. The door handles the grille because if there’s anything that’s going to show paint damage, scratches, or fading over time, it’s Piano Black.

You may have noticed in 2020, Tesla switched all their trim from chrome to black, but on the three and the Y, it’s Satin Black, which doesn’t really show scratches, but on the refreshed S and X, it’s gloss PianoBlack, which is just rife for paint damage.

We specialize in Teslas. We don’t want anybody coming in here paying for a full wrap and not getting the full experience, getting full coverage on their car. So this doesn’t cost any extra. It’s just part of our complete exterior package.

This a quick reminder that we’ve partnered up with Charity Starsto to give you a chance to win a brand new performance model Three while supporting a meaningful cause. To enter the sweepstakes, visit CharityStars.com Kimjavaand use coupon code Kimjava at checkout to get 500 free entries.

The dual motor, all-wheel drive performance model three has up to 315 miles of range and a zero to 60 of 3.1 seconds. It’s also one of the safest cars ever built, with a five-star rating in every category and subcategory. To enter, just visit CharityStars.com Kimjava and you’ll automatically get 500 free entries.

The best part is that your donations will benefit the Guardian Group, a charity that prevents and disrupts the sex trafficking of women and children while aiming to identify victims and predators.

We also did window tint for you. We like XR Plus on EVs because you want to maximize your heat rejection and make sure the climate control in the car is not have to work overtime, drain your battery, and possibly affect your range. And so the XR Plus blocks not only 99% UV light, but also 98% infrared light.

Tesla Car Wrap Cost:

That’s what’s on all of your side windows and your windshield. So on the sides, we matched the two front windows to the same shade that the factory tent comes with on the rear. And then we did a clear on the windshield.

You don’t really want to add darkness to your windshield, you want to be able to see out of it. Very bright and very clear. So, the price range for a two-front plus windshield tint package is right at about $1,000.But most of our Model X clients just want to tint the two fronts to match.

The factory tent could be as little as 250, as much as 300 with the XR Plus. And then adding the windshield on its own is right around $800.It’s actually one of the largest panels of glass that we tent in this industry.

I do feel like though, living inhalant, having that front windshield tinted. Having UV protection and everything is so important oh yeah. Once our clients experience the benefit of having that windshield added, they bring us all of their cars, all of their friends and family’s cars.

It’s our number one most popular tent appointment, actually clear windshields. Yeah. And then last but not least, you noticed a smooth feeling on the car so we completed exterior ceramic coating not only did we ceramic coat over all the areas that have paint protection film your plastic trim, your glass, and your wheel faces but we also did a complete interior.

So typically, your exterior ceramic coating will run between $1500 to $2,000.And then full interior ceramic coating would be an additional $500.Ceramic coating?

It’s kind of a no-brainer. If you’re already spending the money on a wrap, you’re already spending the money to protect the car, adding that ease of maintenance, and ease of cleaning. As I said, it only makes sense. How long will all this last?

That’s a great question so a vinyl wrap just itself is usually good for three to five years after that, like I said earlier, it’s so thin it’s really only a cosmetic wrap that after just two or three years of driving, the wrap on the front of the car will have been shredded basically into pieces.

Each time a rock hits, it doesn’t just chip, it blows out a section of the wrap. In your case though, you have paint protection film over your vinyl. Paint protection film has a ten-year warranty and really that now extends to your vinyl wrap.

The vinyl is not vulnerable to impacts because it’s being protected by the film. So your vinyl wrap is good for as long as the film is. Ten years is what the warranty guarantees, but that’s really in worst-case scenarios. A car that’s kept outside daily driven, maybe in a harsher climate like Arizona.

If you’re keeping it in a garage, washing it regularly and not putting 100,000 miles on the car a year, I really consider PPF to be a permanent product. A lot of folks think that you’ll wash the ceramic coating away if you clean it too often when in reality what actually eats away at the coating is it being dirty and contaminants sitting on the surface.

Tesla Vehicle Accessories:

Model 3 All-Weather Interior Liners$225
Model 3 18″/19″ Snow Chains$160
Model 3 Illuminated Door Sills$175 – $250
Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshades$160
Model 3 Phone Charging Cable$14
Model 3 Roof Rack$400
Model 3 19″ Sport Wheel and Winter Tire Package$3,000
Tire Repair Kit$70
Model 3 All-Weather Interior Liners$225
Model 3 Rugged Textile Rear Trunk Mat$80

Tesla Model X Car Wrap:

So the more you wash it, the longer the ceramic coating will last. Lastly, your interior coating is good for twelve months interior surfaces just have so much more traffic constantly being rubbed against so the coating is just not as durable as the exterior.


I kind of know the answer to some of these questions, but I’m going to ask you for everyone else out there, should you take this through a drive-through car wash so it really wouldn’t hurt any of the stuff we put on the car?

As far as the wrap, the ceramic coating, what I’d be worried about are the things that don’t have wrap on them, your plastic trim, your wheels. The reason why drive-through car washes get such bad wrap is the number one complaint the car wash owners get is people pay $5 to run it through and it comes out still dirty.

So they use the harshest chemicals, and harshest cleaning processes to make sure the car comes out squeaky clean. And just one of the general rules of thumb in the detailing community is to use the least harsh method to clean something and work your way up to the more aggressive chemicals and cleaning methods.

That way you preserve any protective coatings that come from the factory, especially on the Model X.Nothing will age a Model X faster than all the plastic around the car starting to fade.

All of that comes with a protective coating from the factory, but I’d say if you ran it through an automatic car wash, within a year or two, you’d have stripped away all of the protective coatings and all of those areas would fade within a few years, your car would just kind of look old.

So keeping these protective coatings intact kind of makes the car an ageless wonder, especially with PPF. Year after year, you can drive the car and it just doesn’t show a single chip or scratch to show for it. All right, guys, hope you enjoyed this video.

If you have any questions about wrapping or detailing, leave them in the comments below. And thanks again for watching and we’ll catch you next time.


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