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Gravel Travel Products And Services Reviews-2023

On a trip that’s over, say, like, 2 to 3 days. And the market for torture kits is quite massive. Right? You can do anything from a Gravel Travel gallon Ziploc bag to a hundred-dollar premium leather, water resistant, put it on a nuclear missile, and shoot in space, kind of, like, if you can.


There are a lot of things in between. Anywhere from expensive Amazon to cheap Amazon, good name brand, cheap name brand, all different kinds of shapes and sizes that can hold a different set of needs or things that you might wanna bring for torture kit.

And I have used tons of different types of brands and bags and pouches. And I did a whole video on torture kits. Not too long ago. And I gotta say that of all the ones that I’ve used, Gravel Travel is still hands down my favorite because they have found a way to pretty much broaden across all the different types of markets from something that’s a little bit larger, something that’s a little bit more on the medium size.

Gravel Travel Toiletry Bag Reviews:

And now my all-time personal favorite, something that is perfect for those of us that don’t bring a lot, but still need to bring it in a container or a pouch if you will. It’ll keep it safe and make it water resistant making sure it’s not spilling, plenty of room for everything, not too crazy and not overly complicated, and the new Gravel Explorer mini I think is probably my new favorite go-to electric hit. Get into it.

Okay, so real quick I get into the Explorer Mini, which is currently on Kickstarter with only a few days left. I will link the Kickstarter below. It’s not a kick booster or anything. It’s just the link to the Kickstarter. I don’t get a kickback for this. But I will link that below if you’re interested. But I wanted to tell you about the other 2 sizes that gravel offers. And the first 1 is the Explorer Mac. This thing is huge.

It’s so big in fact that it comes with this which is this little waterproof sealed pouch. You can put their gravel little poultry bottles that you can put like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, things like that, and this actually fits if I stop banging it on my table.

There’s this compartment back here that it actually fits in and it pops this thing out. This thing is gonna be thick, it’s gonna be a big old thick boy. But if you want if you need to bring liquids, this is a toiletry kit for you because this comes out in a TSA clear bag. You pull this out and put it in your thing. With that down, it goes through.

It slides back in and you’re good to go. On top of that, there’s plenty of organization here for larger items such as shaving cream if you like using Harry’s ones, not the can, but as the ones that come in the, like, the squeeze bottles, almost as I would call it, your full-size deodorant, full-size toothbrush, full-size, toothpaste, all of them are kinds of things, contact solution, the big boys, contact cases, smaller items, anything you need it can fit in Gravel Travel here.

I had trouble filling this out sometimes on my extended trips, but it is phenomenal. Plus, you have a spot here on the back that’s like fleece or felt line. Gravel Travel, We could put sensitive items, maybe reading glasses, and a passport if you wanted to be extra secure if you’re bringing it with you.

Gravel Travel Toiletry Bag:

And in all of their toiletry kits, they have this little loop that comes out and you can actually hook it on, like, the bar in your bathroom that made like a little door hook on the back. Gravel Travel. It also lays perfectly flat. So if you want to put it on the back of the, like, then what is it called? Toilet? That’s what it’s called, it’s called, the toilet.

You can lay it down and everything is right there. The idea behind this 1, as well as the gravel explorer Slim, is that they can flat or hang up, and you have access to everything you need. And the mini does a pretty good job of mimicking that even though it’s, Gravel Travel you know, I mean look at the size difference. Right here. I mean, that’s, you know, it’s it’s literally it’sit’s the top half of 1 of these.

It’s the same size in terms of length, but it’s literally it’s so tiny. It’s insane. But we’re gonna get in just a second. The Slim is essentially the same thing as the Max, but without that back compartment that fits all of your liquids. Has a little bit of a different organization setup. It’s got a nonsense-through water-resistant pouch right here, which is perfect.

That’s why I used to put on my liquids or body wipes and things like that depending on the trip I was on. It can still fit things like full-size deodorant, toothbrush, mini toothpaste, and whatever else you might need. Again, it packs off pretty well. Same thing with the fleece-lined pocket on the back and the ability to hang it up.

Gravel Travel Bags:

That’s the other 2 gravel torture kits. I also did an entire video on torture kits that I will link below where I went through tons of different ones, not just from gravel. Gravel Travel But again, I feel like since I’ve had these the longest and they’ve impressed me the most I have to shout these out in this video just because Depending on what kind of trips you’re going on, depending on what kind of size you need.

Maybe you need to buy 1 of each size so you have a variety. If you’re going on a small weekend, a long weekend, or just a long extended trip in general. Gravel Travel But the Explorer Mini, I feel is perfect for those, including myself, who want to go on minimal travel, bring the smallest amount of items that you possibly can, but still bring in the necessities.

This thing is tiny. I love this for the fact alone that is so easy to pack away in those 30 to 35-liter travel carry-on bags. Plus, gravel has its own travel system that I’ve reviewed and this thing would fit in there perfectly and bring up no room. That bag is massive. It’s a bag I lived out of.

For about I think it was like a little over a month, I ended up just living out of that bag. It’s like a bento box style. So this would fit in there perfectly leaving plenty of extra room for your other goods. All of these actually fit in their own specific travel bag. I will link that review up here as well because it’s worth it’s a bag definitely worth checking, especially the 11 liters.

I love the 11-liter bag that they have with that. But anyway, we’re here to talk about the Explorer mini. So it’s pretty simple It’s not gonna it’s not a lot to talk about because it is very small. It’s got 2 pouches and a place to hang it. Gravel Travel On 1 side of this, you have your toothbrush and toothpaste, right, which is essentially I can fit a full Colgate toothbrush, and Myquip toothbrush, toothpaste, and toothbrush, right? Full size.

You don’t need to worry about it. They both fit in here fine. This site has like a, it has a rubbery side. Material to it. It also has a weather car, Gravel Travel, and a weather guard zip. If I could get my words to flow properly, that would be fantastic. Gravel Travel But this is it, this is your toothbrush, tooth branch, and toothpaste. It’s just right there.

And I like that because when you hang it up, again, the way it hangs up is the zippers they start at the top which is where you’re hanging up you can even leave these kinds of cracks if you want to and pull what you need out. I just undid this but I will get into the hanging side of things in a minute.

Gravel Travel Backpack Travel System:

Okay. And then the other side is just where you basically throw your items here I have my full-size deodorant, some floss, a razor, and then down here I have some nail clippers. Normally, I’d have a small thing of contact solution in contact casing here. Not sure how often I would actually bring a razor, but for the trip that I went on, the overnight trip I went on, I brought 1 just in case.

This is what I can kind of pack it out with. And it is that’s it. I mean, that’s literally what we’ve talked about it. We’re done. That’s this entire torture kit except for this little rubber guy up here at the top which you can undo and then you can the same fashion as the other ones. You can hook it over, the bar, the hook in the back, you can even lay this on the on the on the toy seat.

However you want, this is a really nice little rubbery thing that if you don’t want it comes all the way off and it’s super easy to adjust. It’s not difficult. It’s not in the way. I like that you can hang it up if you’re you know camping.

Gravel Travel Blanket Review:

You’re in a hotel, if you’re in a hostel, if you’re on a road trip, whatever you’re doing this thing hangs up pretty nicely, and it’s out of sight, it’s super small, and it is just honestly a perfect fit in a market that I feel like needed something about this size with this quality because I don’t doubt for a second that there’s gonna be somebody that says, well, you can just go on Amazon and buy something that’s very similar to this. Like 10 bucks and that’s fine.

You can totally do that. If you wanna get the cheaper version of something, that is fine. I just feel very strongly that for 1you’re supporting a company that is phenomenal. Lance over at Grabble is an is an awesome dude. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times, including going to eat when we were in Utah, and he’s just phenomenal.


Gravel Travel Layover Travel Blanket:

In 2018, we will be able to design a toiletry bag and launch it here on Kickstarter. We ended up shipping 37000 products to over a hundred countries and raised over a million dollars in crowdfunding. And thanks to that and you guys, we were able to continue to design and innovate.

And bring new travel products to light that we’d never thought of before. And now we’re super excited to share our third Kickstarter campaign. Gravel Travel, Here’s the thing, traveling is exhausting. The worst naps I’ve ever had have been on a plane, a bus, or an airport floor.

And airplane blankets are gross, cheap, and so uncomfortable. You just can’t predict when you’ll need some extra comfort, and it really shouldn’t be that hard to be comfortable on the go. So we spent over a year and a half developing solutions to make your unexpected delays a little more bearable. Gravel Travel Introducing the layover.

A blanket that covers your body.Keeps your hands your stuff say, your cap’s toasty and your naps hassle-free.All while stuffing down to about the size of your fist. But let’s break it down. Gravel Travel Comfort. Subbing these problems meant that we needed to make a comforter-type blanket accessible enough to bring anywhere in the world.

With a breathable nylon outer shell and an insulated core, it’ll take you a step closer to feeling warm and cozy like your home in bed. Packability 40 percent lighter than a pair of Nike Freeze, it allows you to put the layover in the corner of your suitcase, or clip it to your backpack and forget it’s even there until you wanna use Gravel Travel We created this patent-pending stuff sack with 3 inches of extra material, allowing you to easily stuff it into the larger sack, then immediately convert it to a smaller amount.

Warm. Full airplane drafts are the worst. So we created a leg pocket with an insulated foot pouch to eliminate those pesky drafts. Gravel Travel And like your favorite hoodie, we added a microfleece kangaroo pouch to help you keep your hands warm.

Gravel Travel Blanket:

Organization. On the outside of the hoodie sleeve is an envelope pocket, A perfect place to secure items like your headphones, passport, and boarding pass. So it doesn’t mysteriously slide under the sea. Gravel Travel Pillow. The envelope pocket is reversible and stuffed into a small micro-fleece pillar.

To add comfort to that subway wall, that park tree, a bumpy airplane ride, or a little toolbar support. Premium snaps. So what if you’re with somebody else? Gravel Travel We’ve lined the edge of each blanket with a compatible fastener allowing you to expand the blanket in exactly.

We also added snaps to the top corners, pulling the blink around your shoulders, allowing you to focus on yourself instead of holding a few blankets. Gravel Travel Quality materials, spilled-proof coating to reduce stains, and an anti-static coating to reduce shocks. Our nylon insulation, snaps, and zippers are all top-of-the-line.

And to prove its quality, we’re offering a lifetime warranty. So whether you’re relaxing in a park, Gravel Travel on a road trip, or traveling the world, the layover is the perfect companion to take any It’s kind of fun.

Gravel Travel Bags:

Explorer MINI™ Toiletry Bag – Minimal Travel$39.00
Set | Explorer PLUS™ & Explorer SLIM™Regular price $128.00 Sale price $114.00
Layover™ Travel Blanket – Insulated & Packable | Quartz$109.00
Clear & Gray | Travel Bottles For Liquids 3oz (89 ml) (Two Pack)$14.00
Domestic Duffel$129.00
Zipperless Packing Cubes (2-Pack, 1 Medium & 1 Large)$29.00
Black Explorer SLIM™ Toiletry Bag – Traveling Lighter$49.00
Zipper Pulls – Color Customization$9.00
The Pouch | 3-1-1 TSA Compliant Bag$14.00
Laundry Bag$34.00


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Does the TSA bag come with the Explorer PLUS?

The TSA comes with the plus at no extra cost. It cannot be purchased separately at this time.

How do I wash my blanket?

The blanket is machine washable. Hang to dry. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes! When you checkout, shipping with calculated based on where you live.

How long will it take to get my order?

We use USPS First Class for domestic orders and DHL for international orders. Domestic orders will arrive in 3-5 days. International shipping times vary depending on where you live.
We also offer paid shipping options. Once you get to checkout, you will see the prices for expedited options!

What is the difference between the Slim and the Plus?

We’ve found that there are two types of trips. Ones that you need to pack light and ones that you need more stuff, hence the Plus. Check out this video to see the difference. 

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