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Gravel Travel Toiletry Bag Review-2023

In this blog, we’re taking a detailed look at the Gravel Explorer Plus toiletry bag. Check out Packhacker.com for a written review and the best buying options link in the description below. So we’ve been using this toiletry kit for about two weeks, including on a long trip to Mexico.


We went to Cabo and it was great. So this held up all of our toiletries. We packed it full and it’s been pretty good. Toiletry Bag As you can see on the outside here, you kind of hear it. It’s a bit of a swishy TPU-like material and it has scuffed a little bit.

Gravel Travel Toiletry Bag:

I don’t think this is specific to this toiletry kit, but it’s kind of something we’ve seen in other TPU products, backpacks, and things like that, that we’ve tested. Toiletry Bag, They kind of get these aesthetic blemishes. The good news is it doesn’t really affect durability in any way, it’s just mainly aesthetic.

And then while we’re up here, we’ll take a look at the branding too. It’s pretty minimal. You’ve got a little gravel logo in the corner here, plus on all of this kind of rubbery zipper pulls. But they are black on black, so you don’t really notice it. And it’s good. It’s a pretty sleek package. As you can see, it stays pretty slim.

There’s not a lot of branding going on. It looks pretty good overall. So let’s open this thing up and look at some of the pockets. First, we have this kind of clamshell style of opening. This is the main capacity of this DOP kit.

And there’s a lot of little bits and organization going on which has actually been pretty nice to use. Whether or not you like organization will be up to you, your travel style, and how you stay organized with all your toiletries. But it is nice if you like to keep your stuff compartmentalized.

Also, because everything’s mesh, all these pockets and this nice kind of rubbery mesh. It’s stiff, but it’s not like stiff in a bad way. It keeps its structure. And because of the bag’s TPU, this mesh is kind of rubbery, it all feels pretty water resistant, which is great for a toiletry kit anyway. Toiletry Bag.

The mesh lets you see what’s going on so you don’t have to hunt and find your stuff in a bunch of different compartments. You just open it up and see right where everything is. So we’re going to start on the right side here. Toiletry Bag, At the top, we’ve got this longer skinnier pocket. There is some dimension built into most of these.

And here’s a good spot for a toothbrush. You could fit a few full sizes of toothbrushes in this pocket or longer things, maybe you carry a comb, things like that. Really whatever you can think of. So we’ve just got a toothbrush in here for now. And then below that are two smaller pockets.

So this one’s about two-thirds of the length or width of this bag. And again, there is some dimension built in. We’ve been using it just for smaller things. Toiletry Bag. Little travel toothpaste, some face soap, just little things like that that are nice.Small tubes you can keep down there.

Gravel Slim Toiletry Bag:

I recently started traveling with the Slim and Plus Gravel travel toiletry bags. I can’t wait to share with you why I love these bags so much. First up is the Explorer Slim.

It’s their smallest bag. I personally love it for storing my makeup. It’s a little bit too small for all my toiletries but perfect for traveling with all my makeup. Let me show you how I pack it. The bag features six pockets. Toiletry Bag.

It’s all lined with a durable, high-quality mesh that is waterproof. I like to stow my makeup brushes in this long waterproof pocket. It prevents them from rubbing up against anything and becoming dirty. The next pocket and personal leave is the secret tiny pocket. I store my hair ties there.

On top of the secret pocket, I store my longer makeup items like my mascara, concealer, lip gloss, and eyebrow brush. Toiletry Bag, There is also room for my makeup remover clothes. And there’s more moving on to the other side of the bag.

In this pocket, I store my powders. I store them here in case any loose lids come off during travel or they break. I don’t want powder going everywhere that were to happen. Toiletry Bag. Next to my powder pocket, I store my makeup sponge, face primer, and foundation. There is even enough room to fit my bulky powder brush.

The last pocket is on the outside of the bag. It is fleece-lined and very deep. I’ve stored my bag of tiny hair ties here, but you could store any remaining makeup here as well. I’ve loved traveling with the Slim toiletry bag. If you are someone who travels with makeup, this would be a great bag for you as well.

If you are someone who travels with a minimal amount of toiletries, then this bag is also a great option for you. The second bag I love traveling with is the Explorer Plus. It features eight pockets with the same durable mesh. This bag also comes with a clear and removable compliant bag for quick liquid scans through security. I pack all my toiletries in this bag.

Let me show you. In this long waterproof pocket, I store my toothbrush and toothpaste with room to spare. The Explorer Plus also features a secret tiny pocket. I put my medications in that pocket.

On top of the tiny pocket, I have enough room to fit my two facial moisturizers, a razor, and hair oil. Moving on to the other side of the bag, in this pocket, I am able to fit chapstick, travel-size perfume, full-size deodorant, and sunscreen.

There is still plenty of room to spare for smaller items as well. One of the many reasons I love gravel toiletry bags is because of the high-quality materials. I can confidently pack nail clippers and tweezers without worrying about the items tearing the material. They are also snugly fit in the pocket.

So while I’m traveling, they won’t move around. In this pocket, I fit a few more creams and Qtips, but it could fit much more. These are the two pockets on the outside of the bag. One is lined with fleece while the other is lined with a water-resistant material.

In the water-resistant pocket, I pack my liquids like face wash, shampoo conditioner, and body wash. I use gravel liquid bottles. These liquid bottles are the best because I can easily change the label on them. They are super easy to clean after coming home from traveling as well.

They fit right into the TSA-compliant bag, which is then put in the water-resistant pocket. This ensures that if a shampoo explosion happens while traveling, the mess doesn’t go everywhere. Both the Slim and Explorer bags have an adjustable stowaway strap with a G hook.

This is an awesome feature because it allows you to hang your bag anywhere. I am super stoked about these toiletry bags. Let me know if you guys have any questions. I’d love to help you figure out which bag would be best for you.

Gravel Explorer Max Toiletry Bag:

And then this other pocket to the left of that is about one-third of this width and it’s good for small items. Again, it is kind of thick. I mean, I could see putting your little contacts, case, things like that in here. I’ve just got some lip balm stored just to keep it nice and tidy. And that’s all we’ve got on this right side.

Moving over to the left side. It’s a little bit different from a layup, but you do have, again, a big pocket on the bottom. It’s mesh. It could also fit full-size toothbrushes it’s long enough to do that. We just got some little facecloths in here that are nice to be refreshed.

And then inside this pocket is a small flat pocket. So this is good. Maybe you have some more important items, maybe some medicine or something that you don’t want to lose. It’s double secure. Nothing too bulky will fit here because there’s not a lot of depth built in, but it’s nice, and it’s double-zipped up.

And then behind that or above that is another pocket that’s not mesh. It’s just kind of this rubbery-feeling liner material. We’ve got a comb stashed in here. Again, it’s kind of long and skinny. So, like, items of this shape fit better.

And I will say kind of a theme for this bag is that smaller or thinner items fit better. This is the plus size, so there’s more room. But in general, the way these pockets are laid out is just a little bit better if your stuff fits in the pockets.

So that’s this main compartment, it opens up, it opens up full clamshell, which is nice. You can lay it on the counter, and really sell all your stuff. But also when the bag hangs, which we’ll talk about in a minute, it’ll be hanging vertically like this.

So everything you’ll have access to is just kind of right in front of you, hanging on the wall. It works pretty well. So let’s zip this up and spin it around and talk about some of the other compartments. So, moving on to the backside of the bag, there is a horseshoe-style opening here.

This other pocket does not go full clamshell. And here you can see, this is something that has happened to us once before. It seems to be pretty random, but the zipper tracks pulled apart a little bit around this corner. If you can see that, it’s kind of a bummer because this bag feels really nice.

This is now the second time it’s happened. Should fix itself, no problem. Just zip it around and zip it back. But as you can see, it’s kind of just getting worse. That’s a bit of a bummer. Yeah, it’s not looking good. So let’s just open this up.

And this is the horseshoe-style opening, so it doesn’t go full clamshell. It goes about like this. Inside there is an included clear bag, which feels really nice. It’s got a zipper on it, got a hook, so you can hang it up when you get to where you’re going. Maybe hang it in the shower of your Airbnb, whatever you can think of.

And we use this just to kind of stash small TSA-approved size liquids. So we’ve got a few bottles in here, some pomade, things like that. Now, you could carry this separately. I mean, it’s its own bag at this point. If you want to take your liquids out, it’s super easy. They’re all in this clear bag.

Great for going through airport security. And then you could fit more stuff in here if you need the room. We’ve just kind of been putting it in here as is for travel. We didn’t need any extra stuff. There’s plenty that fits in the main compartment for all of our toothbrushes and combs and things like that.

So we just kind of use it as an extra layer of protection just in case any of our liquids leak. They’ll be nice and secure in the clear bag, as well as this kind of water-resistant compartment. See if this is okay. So now the zipper is okay, but I’m not confident about that, that it’s going to stay.

It’s not like the second or third time that’s happened. And then moving on to the front. There is a pretty thin pocket on the front that is lined with kind of a soft fleece-like lining. It’s not the softest we felt, but it should protect anything that’s fragile and can scratch. Maybe your phone.

Gravel Explorer Mini Toiletry Bag:

This is the Explorer Mini, the perfect little travel companion for road trips and traveling lights. Here’s a pocket that holds your toothbrush and your toothpaste and stops your toothbrush juices from getting all over the rest of your stuff.

On the other side, it’s a perfect pocket that holds all the rest of your travel stuff, like a razor deodorant Chapstick gravel travel bottle and a contact case. It repels, water is scratch resistant, Toiletry Bag, and it also comes with a removable silicone strap so you can hang it up anywhere.

It is small, but it holds a surprising amount of stuff. I dare you to find a place in your luggage so this won’t fit. Sometimes the best trips are the quick ones.

You know, where you drive like, an hour or so to camp with friends. Yeah, sometimes travel can be rough. But some of the best adventures come when you get a flat tire or you park your freaking van next to a train track.

Around here, we believe that the real adventure starts when you get off the asphalt and hit the gravel. Toiletry Bag, So we made the best road trip grab-and-go solution.

This is our 7th Kickstarter, and we’ve got a pretty good track record shipping on time gravel makes your journey great. So check out the pledges down below, pick out one that fits you best, and start planning for your next adventure.


Gravel Toiletry Bag:

It fits if you want to put it in here. Can actually do that.But maybe glasses. It is thin like I said, so they might feel a little squished. But it is a fleece line. Just in case, we’ve kept just quick access items in there, Toiletry Bag, stuff that we’re going to need quickly so we don’t have to go rummaging through the other organization.

And then last but not least, there’s this little stash compartment that comes with a strap, a couple of straps with a G hook. And this is how you hang it up so it stashes away and stays out of the way, which is pretty nice. But when you get to your hotel, your Airbnb, your hostel, whatever it is, and you want to hang this up in the bathroom to take a shower, you hang it up from this hook, just kind of hook around, whatever.

And then, as I mentioned, if we can find the horse or the full clamshell opening, the main capacity when you’re hanging it up, let’s get this hook on here. It’ll be open on the wall. So imagine it’s hanging up like this and all of your stuff is laid out. It’s actually pretty nice and then if you take this other pouch out of the back, you can have this hanging up as well.

And everything that you need is right in front of you. So there you have it. That was the graph travel Explorer plus toiletry bag. Check out packhacker.com for the best buying options and more information links down below. We’ll see you in the next blog.

Gravel Toiletries Bag:

Explorer MINI™ Toiletry Bag – Minimal Travel$39.00
Black Explorer SLIM™ Toiletry Bag – Traveling Lighter$49.00
Black Explorer PLUS™ Toiletry Bag – Packing More$79.00
Black Explorer MAX™ Toiletry Bag – Packing the Most$89.00
Sand Explorer SLIM™ Toiletry Bag – Traveling Lighter$49.00
Sand Explorer PLUS™ Toiletry Bag – Packing More$79.00
Set | Explorer PLUS™ & Explorer SLIM™Regular price$128.00 Sale price $114.00
Honey & Glacier | Travel Bottles For Liquids 3oz (89 ml) (Two Pack)$14.00
Clear & Gray | Travel Bottles For Liquids 3oz (89 ml) (Two Pack)$14.00
SET | Explorer MAX™ Toiletry Bag & Layover BlanketRegular price$188.00 Sale price $164.00


1. Which toiletry bag is right for me?

We created a quick and easy quiz to help you decide what size to get.

2. Is a TSA bag included with my bag?

A TSA bag comes with the PLUS and MAX bags at no extra cost. It can also be purchased separately if you would like an additional bag.

3. Is the TSA bag waterproof?

The short answer: is NO, but it is very water-resistant

The long answer: It’s nearly impossible to make something completely waterproof, where it can hold water inside without spilling. To do so you have to pretty much make a variation of a zip lock bag. Which we didn’t want to do. We have however welded 3 of the 4 sides and added a waterproof zipper.

When you fill this bag with water the main leaking points are on each side of the zipper, which have small leaks. That being said they are quite small and though water leaks, it actually hold shampoo quite well. Shampoo is thicker than water thus not making its way through small cracks and holes as easily.

4. Will you offer other colors in the future?

Yes! We are currently working to add new colors. It is a lengthy process as more colors can add a lot of stress on fulfillment accuracy & inventory management. We will announce when we add any colors. If you have an idea, reach out to us at hello@graveltravel.com, we would love to hear your input.

5. How do I change the labels on my bottles?

Check out a video we made on how to change the labels on your travel bottles here.


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